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I love my Mama

Mama and I about five years ago!

Yes. I *did* just title the post “I love my Mama.” And I do.

I was talking about my Mama the other day and realized, I’m lucky.  I have a different relationship with my Mom than a lot of girls do.  I mean, my Mama *is* my best friend. I have best friends who are my age, of course, by my Mom is different.  I talk to her two, three, four times I day. It’s embarrassing how often we talk on the phone. As often as we have something to say. (And I do usually at least say “hey” to my Daddy every day, so don’t think I totally leave him out! Though our conversations are nothing like the ones my Mama and I have, but then again Daddies are not known for being phone people!)  My Mama and I talk about EVERYTHING. (Well, almost everything.) She gives me amazing guidance, makes me laugh, and helps me work through small issues (“how much sugar do I really need in this recipe?”) and can be my biggest life/romance/everything coach.  Who needs a therapist? I’ve got a Mama. (And no, I don’t need to go to a therapist to talk about my Mama!)

My Mama and Daddy in the 1970s! Wasn’t she cute? She hates this picture because they were traveling abroad and thinks her hair looks messy. I love it and WANT THAT TOP!!!!!!!

I feel like lots of people don’t get along with their Mamas and I am so grateful to be besties with the best Mama a girl could want! We shop together, talk together, cook together, fight together (yes we do have little fights from time to time over idiotic things normally), laugh and giggle together for hours on end, and support one another.

It’s funny, because growing up means my Mama is growing up too. For the first time, she took a “tumble” about a week ago.  Since Nora Ephron died, Mama was searching through drawers in our house in Georgia trying to find an ancient VHS of the only movie of hers we owned, You’ve Got Mail. And somehow she FLIPPED over the drawer and went BAM down to the ground. She couldn’t get up and called and called for Daddy for help.  Thankfully, nothing broke!  But it scared me. It realized, ALL of us are getting older.  And that means I need to spend MORE time with my parents, more time on the phone with Mama, and make sure I remember to be grateful for how lucky I am.  Because I sure am lucky to have such a wonderful Mom!! (And I had a wonderful Grandma, too, but that is too long and beautiful of a story for today’s post.)

In honor of my Mama and all of her amazing friends in Georgia, I have started to read The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells today. And I am going to make our absolute favorite lunch this week. Y’all may think we are crazy, but it is sooooooo amazing!

Mama’s PB and Tomato Sandwich
Unfortunately, my Mama and I have foolishly never photographed this delectable lunchtime favorite of ours. Check back soon for a picture!!

  • 2 slices home-made bread or freshly purchased bakery bread. (This is the secret, you need REAAAAAALLLLY good, thick crusty bread.)
  • Approximately 2-3 tablespoons all natural gooey peanut butter (preferably the kind you stir yourself)
  • 1 super fresh summer tomato, cut into thick slices (large tomato preferred, heirloom tomatoes are also tasty in this) 

Spread slices of bread with peanut butter, top with tomato.  Smoosh slices together.  MMMMMMMMM! Eat up.  May enjoy with a glass of milk, hot coffee, or iced tea.

Mama and me! Last month at a Garden Party in Georgia

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