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Spring Chicken

So sometimes, I am naive. And sometimes, I just feel like a newborn chicken–totally young, inexperienced, clueless, you name it.

I’m preppy. I don’t curse. I always try to be polite. I’m health conscious. I say “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am.” I drink champagne. I exercise every day. I go to church (well, I try to go regularly…I sleep in a lot.) I’ve never smoked. I love theme parties, monograms, and thank you cards.

Am I boring? Am I such a good girl that I fail to be a LIVING Girl?

And then I remember. I’m no spring chicken. Well, most of the time.

I just don’t give myself enough confidence.

I’m from Georgia. I’ve lived around the US. I spent almost two years combined living in New York City.

I’ve got a bit of the wild in me.

And that’s a good thing.

Sure, most people won’t see it. Most people won’t know it. And I have strong morals and will never, ever break them. Yet…sometimes. I will loosen the slack.  But not regularly. Not crazily. I’m a grown-up.

Yet it’s okay to leave my good girl reality every now and again. Just a tad. Never cross the line. Never lose the classy. But let yourself find that feisty bit and go “this is good” and be feisty. Try the unknown. Try the scary. Take a chance. Give that wink.

I am not as innocent as I look and feel. Okay, I am definitely more of a “good girl” than most people. But I’ve reached a point in my life where I can let some of that go and let in some of the scariness of leaving your comfort zone. (Within reason, mind you.)

The country band Love and Theft and their song “Angel Eyes” sums up my approach to life as a female in this day in age. Stay classy, be a “good girl,” but let there be a little bit of a hidden wild side in you. (For the right person to know about, mind you.)

Check out the video:

And I LOVE this pinterest pic floating around:

I’m also letting a little bit of the “wild side” into my approach to fashion. Maybe I always have and didn’t realize it until now. But you can be fun and flirty without being tacky. Posh, elegant, but whimsical with a dash of wild. Delicately untamed.
Here are some of my favorites from my wardrobe and pinterest, for finding that bit of flare within the preppy good girl:

Add some animal print:

Zebra print dress from H&M

Check out the cheetah detail on my scarf!

Sexy boots and fall wear:


Wear bright colors and mix-and match your brights:

Gold and hot pink
Don’t let your running shoes be dull!
Splash of color to black with orange accents and polka dots

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