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Accidents happen

Yes, accidents happen.

I know that. As a general idea. But it’s different when a car accident happens to you.

It really, really, really sucks.

It all started when I forgot to print my boarding pass before leaving work. In the middle of yoga class I had a giant OMG moment: I didn’t print my boarding pass! (I know, I know I am not supposed to think about things like boarding passes when I am in yoga but sometimes it happens….) My printer broke around a year ago and I never used it, so never got a new one. I mean, really most people I know don’t use printers any more? Maybe I should invest in one now, though… But I digress.

By the time yoga class ended, it was too late to head back to work to use an official printer. I would have just gone to the airport the next day but had a 7am flight. Not the kind where you want to get to the airport even earlier. Especially as the TPA jetBlue terminal tends to get ridiculously backed up!

My friend Sara lives about 5 minutes away and has a printer. She was sweet and said I could print at her place. I also needed to get a couple of things at CVS so figured I could kill two birds with one stone. Before even showering after Bikram yoga (aka I was a super sweaty girl) I headed to her place.

Arrived sans problems. Visited her bunny. Watched a few minutes of the CMT awards. Got yummy cookies she made. Printed pass. Huzzah! On to CVS. My friend lives in an old Florida neighborhood. Uneven brick streets. Few street lights. Itty bitty extremely narrow roads. Unfamiliar with the best route to the drug store I turned on a street two blocks from my friend’s place. Unlike other streets in the neighborhood, this street had cars parked on both sides of the road. There was a ginormous truck and trailer on the right so I turned a teensy bit more to the left to make sure to clear it and… BOOM! Smacked into a car on the left facing my direction. Not the best day of my life.

Luckily, I was going super super slow–only 15-20 miles per hour. Obviously had no alcohol of anything else (other than lots of yoga) interfering with my driving ability. And I found a cop right away who was amazingly nice and tried to help the best he could. Unfortunately, my car and the other girl’s ancient car (the right side mirror was falling off BEFORE I hit her) were damaged. My neck and back both hurt now, too! Drat!

At least, after waiting on hold with jetBlue for over an hour, I was able to get on a flight a little bit later in the day to allow me time to sort of try to sleep, pack, deal with insurance, etc. No time for a back adjustment or massage though!

The accident really shook me up. Here is what I have learned so far:

1. My Daddy is super mad and scary when you have a car accident. I love him, but never want to have another accident so as to never see him mad like that again!
2. Police officers are ridiculously nice even if they do give you a ticket.
3. I have awesome friends who come when you need them. And are still your friends after they see you crying, snotty, and sweaty with mascara raccoon eyes.
4. The city of St. Pete needs better lighting in that old residential neighborhood. It was soooo dark!
5. The city of St. Pete should not allow cars to park on both sides of the street on narrow brick streets! I’m sure my accident wasn’t the first!
6. Car accidents hurt!!! My neck and back aren’t happy at all. 🙁
7. I am grateful for my car and hope it gets fixed soon.
8. Thank God I don’t drink and drive..
9. Waiting outside for hours with sweaty post-Bikram body and hair is really really uncomfortable. And gross. It hurt to shower but was one of the best hair washings ever.
10. I am just lucky to be ok!!!

I learned more than that, but there’s the cliff’s notes version.

Have you ever been in a car accident?!?

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