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Wacky Week

Did anyone else have a ridiculously wacky week? I sure did.

Weird things that happened, in no particular order:

  • Car accident (duh!)
  • Hertz rental cars ran out of ALL CARS in the entire city of Boston for everyone who made reservations. Terrible customer service and so bizzare. Thank goodness I thought to call Enterprise! (They are fabulous, btw.)
  • My new Enterprise rental car was just returned minutes before by the actress Julia Stiles! She is super tall. And filming a movie in Boston! Here she is the day she had my rental car:
  • I met the most ridiculously gorgeous man ever in Boston!
  • I drove around and got completely lost in Boston. Driving in Boston is crazy! 
Boston Garden entrance!
  • I learned that the state off Massachusetts allow cars to drive in the *breakdown lane* during rush hour traffic. Um… what happens if a car actually breaks down?
  • I ran into my old intern from my first job out of college (in NYC) in the middle of Boston Back Bay!
  • I ran into another person I randomly knew in the middle of Harvard Square in Cambridge.
  • My hotel was on top of a minor league baseball stadium in New Hampshire! (For serious, see below) 
  • Plane was delayed due to mechanical errors before I could return home. To be followed by a most intense landing. As we headed down at the Tampa International Airport, we landed too close to the plane in front of us. Our plane caught their turbulence and started accelerating instead of slowing down! Air Force One was on the runway (Obama apparently was in town for a Tampa fund-raiser) and so they made a split second decision to take-off again!! We circled around for a bit before we finally were able to successfully land and return home.

Talk about a crazy week! Here’s hoping it streamlines and is a bit easier from here on out.

In case my post stressed you out, I suggest looking at a cute puppy. Here’s one:


  • Cher Calderone

    September 21, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    Im already scared to fly and you made it so much worse. HAHA! Im kidding. But that landing sounds horrible. I would have just died.

    • Lora

      September 26, 2012 at 8:11 am

      You would have been ok! It was spooky, but I think the weirdo on the plane was spookier! Ha!