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Waiting on a Brad

So tonight is the Brad Paisley concert here in Tampa.

To get psyched for the show, I’ve been listening to my Braid Paisley cds and the Brad Paisley Pandora station.

And then it clicked.

Brad Paisley has set me up for dating failure.

Not romantic comedies, or friends, or quirky neroticisms.

Brad Paisley.

Why, you ask?

Because Brad wears a cowboy hats, sings songs about fishing and hunting, and writes the most romantic songs ever.

Exhibit A:
Waitin’ on a Woman

Brad with the help of Andy Griffith (RIP, loved you Andy!) says that guys will be patient and are always willing to wait for us women.  Alas, I wish this was always true.

Exhibit B:
She’s Everything

Brad says that the woman he loves is perfect and everything about her is wonderful and “she’s everything [he] need[s].” SWOON.

Exhibit C:
The World
Get the MP3 at “The World”

As if “She’s Everything” wasn’t enough, Brad has to sing a song about how the girl he loves is “the world” to him. Seriously, that’s better than everything. She’s everything AND she’s your whole world. Double swoon. And you have a country accent while you’re singing and getting mushy and still seem masculine? No fair.

Exhibit D:
Little Moments

Brad says that guys think you’re cute when you accidentally swear, or get in a car accident, or burn dinner, or, you know, fall asleep on their and make their arm go tingly. For serious? I wish.

Exhibit E:
Get the MP3 at “Then”

I seriously think this is a potential first dance wedding song. It certainly makes my heart go pitter patter. Not only is a woman everything, the world, always cute, but he only loves her more and more and more. No way!

Exhibit F:
We Danced
Get the MP3 at “We Danced”

Brad’s haunting”Whiskey Lullaby” may be one of my favorite songs by him, but “We Danced” is up there. He dances with the woman of his dreams. And dances. Don’t know why, but the dancing part gets me every time.  There’s something utterly romantic about just dancing.

And not to mention that he believes in Jesus (“When I get where I’m going”), has good self-esteem (“Letter to Me”), loves kids (“Anything Like Me”),  holds his “Alcohol,” can get a little raunchy outdoors (“Ticks”),  goes hunting (“Camouflage”), but is also “Still a Guy” who drives a truck (“Mud on the Tires”) and plays a mean guitar (“Start a Band”). And all while wearing a cowboy hat. And sporting a Southern accent. Oh goodness gracious.

Dear Brad, you are fantastic. But your songs are starting to make me overly sappy and promote impractical images of guys around the world. Romantic yet manly, how is such a thing possible? I do not know, but I sure am jealous of your wife!


  • Jennifer

    September 28, 2012 at 9:10 am

    Sounds like you’ll have a good time tonight! 🙂

    • Lora

      September 30, 2012 at 11:08 am

      Thanks! We had a blast with the exception of the drunken weirdos we encountered! :/ But the concert itself was FANTASTIC!!