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Cheesy Brown Rice, Nashville Love, and Office Yoga

I have a problem. A not staying in the present moment problem.

The future. The past. You name it, I worry about it. I think about it. Ponder it. Daydream.   And sometimes, a little planning and forward-thinking is necessary and helpful. And sometimes all that thinking about anywhere but here can get you in trouble. And then cause more anxiety, worry, and general craziness.

With my brand spanking new daily meditation practice (see “Healthy Eating, Daily Meditating“), I have started a focus on present moment awareness. ‘Cause, y’all, I suck at staying in the here and now.

And yesterday definitely was trying for my ability to stay rooted in the Now. (Isn’t it so much easier to check out into our thoughts?)

Things that tried my luck with the present:

  • I forgot to set my alarm. Thank goodness for small bladders getting me up on time!
  • I dropped my allergy medicine in the sink (and don’t have more). AND my allergies are going crazy
  • I forgot to bring the other shoes I’d planned to wear to work (a blessing in disguise)
  • We have a Thursday lunchtime yoga class. I realize I only brought a yoga top to work. And I was wearing a dress a see-through tights! Eeeeek.
  • I had a constant headache, which I believe was made worse by the actual dress I wore to work. Apparently, I don’t have a very long neck. Or need to work on having a long neck to better wear turtlenecks. How did Elizabethans wear those ridiculously high collars? (Don’t know what on earth I mean? Check it out, a blast from fashion’s past called a RUFF that I am so so glad are no longer in style. What a difference 450 years makes!)
  • I was generally being a cranky pants. My apologies to those who witnessed my unfortunate behavior. I should blame my headache, or the fact that I forgot to bring more than sesame sticks and cookies for lunch, but really, that’s never an excuse. 

Things that turned my day around and brought me back to the present:

  • Breakfast! And COFFFEEE! Dear God, I thank you for coffee.
  • Who says you need to have yoga clothes to do yoga? My dress may have been giving me a bit of a headache, but thanks to the fact that I wore foot-less tights with it, I was able to get some yoga on for our lunchtime yoga class. I managed to have a pretty spectacular yoga class, without yoga clothes. I just look a little funny. Check me out: 
Office yoga! Though Iyengar friends, please don’t judge my alignment! It’s hard to do Bakasana (crow pose) in a skirt!!
  • Again, awesome lunchtime yoga! I think all offices should have daily lunchtime yoga. I think the world would be a better place.
  • I forgot half my lunch, but remembered the CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES.  If you can only remember half, I think I got the best portion!!
  • I went on a glorious walk along the water after work. And it’s finally a bit less humid, so I could actually walk comfortably–without the sweat pouring down my face. Huzzah!
  • I made delectable cheesy brown rice with tofu and vegetables for dinner. Cheese makes everything better. Check out the recipe, below.
  • I caught up on my new favorite show Nashville last night. Even if you aren’t a fan of country music, this show is worth checking out! You don’t think you want to watch? I think this song made me cry (actually it totally did make me cry, let’s be honest) as I watched it last night.  Check out the official snippet on Youtube:

And of course, the mood-improving Cheesy Brown Rice with Tofu and Vegetables Recipe!
Serves Two. Adapted from “Une Deux Senses” Cheesy Quinoa Bowl

Cheesy Brown Rice Bowl & Vegetables
2 cups prepared brown rice
1 clove garlic, crushed
1-3 tablespoons olive oil
2 cups chopped mixed vegetables, steamed or boiled
2 cups fresh spinach (stems removed)
1 cup extra firm tofu, pressed and cubed
1/3 cup shredded parmesan cheese
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
salt and pepper, to taste

1. Steam or boil vegetables, per preference.
2. Heat pan to medium-heat. Add olive oil (eyeball it) and crushed garlic. Add tofu.  Cook until tofu is just beginning to brown. Add cooked brown rice, cheeses, and fresh spinach. Toss thoroughly. Add remaining chopped vegetables, thoroughly cooked.  Toss again–until spinach is completely wilted and cheese and vegetables are evenly distributed. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately.

That’s IT! Ridiculously easy, thoroughly tasty, and definitely healthy. YUM! Guaranteed to make your day brighter!!

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