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Facebook love gushing

If one more person posts about how wonderful their fiancé/boyfriend/significant other is, I think I may need to stop logging into Facebook.

I’m serious. It’s getting to the crazy point.

In a world where I hear that people are tired of political posts, election coverage, and rants, I’m like “what political posts?” I’m not seeing political posts. I’m seeing marriage announcements, lovey dovey photos, engagement pictures, rings, smooches, and endless posts about how x can’t believe how much more they love y than they did before. And how lucky they are.

Okay, I get it! You are in *love*. And yes, you are lucky because clearly I am single and alone and not a part of your romantic bliss.  But do you seriously have to post about it ALL THE TIME!?!?!??! You are good people. I am friends with you. But it’s reached a point. I already know you love one another.  Your cover photo is of the two of you. Your profile photo is of the two of you. You are married/engaged/in a relationship with one another.  I get the picture.

Please, please, stop continually posting about how awesome your lover is and how much you love each other and how you can’t believe life is so amazing. I’m a happy person, but I’ve got to say…it’s getting amazingly, well, annoying.

You aren’t the only lovebirds in the world. Maybe you are on a love high and don’t realize that you and half of our other friends are all posting the same messages. But can’t you save this oh so public bursts of love for a private message, text, phone call, heck y’all live together, in person? Because it is making me want to boycott facebook. And it’s making me angry and disagreeable. And I’m not a grumpy person, so it’s got to stop.

So please, stop posting so much about your love life and start letting me live my social media life.  Because if you don’t stop, that means I’m going to stop logging into facebook.  Which somehow means I’ll miss out on key things that I’m supposed to know.  I’m single. And according to y’all that is already akin to leprosy. At least leave me facebook.

Stop the facebook love gushing. Pretty please??

Since I’m alone, I made me solo woman waffles and fruit for breakfast. I’d make the actual waffles from scratch if there was a boy, but I have to confess, as a singleton I like to cheat…. Still pretty darn tasty and romantic-looking. Even if my romance is with my iphone. Ha!  Paired with a good book and no facebook checking, it made for a pretty lovely start to the day. And maybe, just maybe, when I next log into facebook I’ll get those political rants instead of more engagements and roses? Maybe!?!?

A single gal can hope.

Two Trader Joe’s multigrain waffles topped with 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries, a sliced banana (1/2), a wee bit of earth balance, and local honey.

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