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Who let the flu out?

I hate not feeling good. Hate it! Especially as an adult. Where there’s no Mama to make you soup, no cozy bed with stuffed animals, and no classic Disney Channel or Little House on the Prairie to watch.ย  In fact, there’s no tv or cable at all.ย  And the only one who can make soup for me is, well, me. Not a good idea when you’re at home, drained, and battling the cold and flu.

Signs I am definitely beyond-the-average sick sick:

  • Looking in the mirror, I swear my reflection resembles more Edward Scissorshands than a real person. Only obviously without the crazy blades for fingers.
  • Lunch = tortilla with some butter on it.
  • Coffee doesn’t sound tasty in the morning.
  • My cough sounds like a dog barking. Err..Who let the flu out? Woof woof woof woof.
  • Taking a shower is so ridiculously exhausting. First I thought I’d pass out. Then I stumbled to my bed. Sleep never felt so good.
  • I lack the energy to check Facebook, emails, or even text messaging. There should be some kind of international code saying “I’m sick!” so people know why you aren’t replying in a prompt manner.
  • I have watched (aka dozed) through half of the new tv shows on Hulu…and don’t remember any of them.
  • Reading a book requires too much effort. So many words! So much concentration. My brain can barely handle pinterest right now, let alone complete sentences. The mind on flu is only capable of 140 characters, like twitter.
  • There are no more tissues in the house
  • A venture to CVS for medicine and tissue took a lifetime. And I got home to discover that, not only did I forget to get tissue, but that I was still wearing my pajama bottoms. Hope you liked the pink jammie bottoms, St. Pete!
  • I’d left the milk out from my kale and macaroni and cheese (see Ain’t It Good to Know, You’ve Got a Friend) for 24 hours before I even noticed. Good thing I’m so congested I no longer want milky goodness!
  • It’s 82 degrees outside. It’s 85 degrees inside. And I’m wearing pants and a sweater. And cuddled in a spiffy Georgia blanket.
  • I have written this blog post. That’s as much productivity as I can handle for today.ย  Time for more sleep.

Please, oh please, let my medicine kick in and for me to feel normal tomorrow.

And it doesn’t matter how much yoga, vitamins, or good food you have, it’s still possible to get sick. Or, as my friend sent me in an ecard:

Alas, Airborne does not mean you won’t get sick! ๐Ÿ™

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