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One of these things is not like the other

One of these things is not like the other.

One of these things just does not belong.

And it made me go… HUH??

One of my legs is not like the other one. One of my legs just DOESN’T BELONG! Yes one of my legs is not like the other one. It’s about a half an inch shorter!!

Me not realize my legs were uneven before.  I sorry, Cookie Monster, for not learning your lesson!

Me not so much of a smart cookie Mr. Monster! 🙁

My Iyengar yoga teacher (the awesome awesome Mr. Tzahi Moskovitz) who lead me through my teacher training five years ago (almost) taught us to ALWAYS start from the ground up. In analyzing our alignment in yoga, we start from the base of the pose.  And when I started from the ground up–looking at my FEETS–I could not for the life of me figure out why my pelvis was off. Crooked. My pelvis has been crooked. Totally uneven, with the left side significantly higher than the right. But I was always so confused because, well, my feet were rocking. They looked awesome. Toes spread wide. Feet parallel. The base was seemingly there. (I mean it could always have been a teeny bit more parallel, my toes could always be spread just a bit wider. But that’s just because I’m an alignment geek.)

On Sunday, I took two yoga classes in Florida. One with the amazing anusara instructor Rita Knorr of Fulcrum Blu and then with Eric Wheeler of Lucky Cat Yoga at the Dali Museum.  And no, I didn’t realize my leg length difference during class–though I think I successfully stretched my left leg and hamstring to realize that the leg is usually so much tighter than the right. (Again, can’t believe all this never clicked into place before!)

Only yesterday, after taking a 30 minute Jason Crandell class on Yogaglo followed by a lovely 15 minute meditation with Sally Kempton and “I am” and connecting to the self did I realize the truth. One of my legs is not like the other.  AH!

I did what any other yoga teacher would do, I investigated my new findings all last night–and again first thing this morning. (I woke up early–perhaps due to excitement and confusion about my new-found leg difference?) And, of course, I am now faced with the biggest quandry. If my right leg hovers above the ground (or I just put my tip-toe down), my hips stay even and my back feels the best it has felt in years. The second *boom* I place that foot firmly on the ground; my hips tilt and my back begins to go “hey that doesn’t feel so good that way.”  Either I can walk like a normal person or I can do the hover and have amazing back freedom. (But would have to hobble around on my tiptoe all day or jump on my left leg–both of which I am confident would cause their own issues. Beyond looking pretty crazy!)

What do I do now? I don’t want to instantly get lifts–though I suppose getting some insole would be a temporary setting. My right femur/quad/hip flexor are all significantly tighter on the right side. In analyzing my legs, the length from the knee to the foot seems equal on either side–but not the length from the hip to the knee. Do I try to length and isolate this area? Do I go to a Chiropractor and assume I’m “broken” and cannot be fixed by myself? I don’t need a podiatrist, it is not my hip that is the problem. Do I reaxamine my back and see if all my scoliosis is (as I suspect) linked to to my pelvis being of and the right leg being so significantly shorter? How do I walk? How do I adjust my yoga alignment to keep my hips level?

What happens NOW??

I don’t know.

So many questions.

I don’t know where to begin. And that is actually ridiculously scary. To have such a profound AHA! moment. And now not to have the slightest clue what to do next.

But I guess that’s okay. Time. Research. Teachers. Patience.  I need all these things. And more.

At least I know now the truth. One of my legs is not like the other one! Me so smart.  At last!

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