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Sickness Triple Threat

I have a pounding in my head. Ringing in my ears. And fluttering in my chest.

No, I am not in love. I am sick.

Very sick.

The triple threat of sickness.

Sinus infection. Ear infection. Acute bronchitis.

Sounds like a party, right?

If there was an audition for the role of “sick person,” I think I’d have it nailed.

And I don’t get it. I am normally healthy. And since the end of September I’ve been battling..something.

What gives?!?

I never normally get sick and here I have had something on and off since the last week of *September*!

I don’t get it.

I eat healthy, do yoga every day, walk every day, meditate every day. I take care of myself.

What’s with the sickness?

I don’t have an answer. But I *do* really hope the five different medicines I’m on will clear things up asap. (Because otherwise there is something far greater wrong with me–like splendid “walking pneumonia” or some such thing. YUCK! I so know I don’t want that.)

And it is very frustrating. And I can’t help if something in my environment has acerbated the sinus infection and ear infection. (Which, in turn, makes a person more susceptible to bronchitis.) I know my office certainly triggered an asthma attack two weeks ago. :/ Le sigh. (See “Sucks to my assmar. Holler to my quinoa.” and “Who let the flu out?“) Am I wrong, as a normally very healthy person, to think that my Sick-Tober (or err..I guess it’s now November so Flutober and Sickvember? I don’t know. Insert something witty here. Pretend I wrote it.) is not just a coincidence and is seemingly a little more than strange? Let me know your thoughts. And send some positivity my way, por favor. I could use it right now!

On the bright side, I FINALLY OPENED THE EVIL JAR! (See “How to open a stuck jar lid” and “Letter to the editor“) I opened it, I opened it, I opened it!

I have no idea how I opened it.


I never thought I would see the inside of this lid!!
AHHH! Hearts of palm goodness! The jar has been opened!

Utterly amazing.

Of course, I’m sick and don’t really want to eat hearts of palm right now…But I opened it. That is the amazing part of life. And the highlight of my day.

But, lest I be too happy, nature has put another obstacle in my path.  Another issue of the “I need a man” variety. So not fair!

My lightbulb went out. And I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to change it.  I think my moronic landlord painted over the seal, so that I cannot unscrew the covering to get at the light? I do not know. I have stared at it until my sinus-infection head could no longer look up. I poke. I pried. I tried to twist. NOTHING.

The sad light that shall never shine again.  And refuses to budge from its place in the ceiling.

Above my stovetop, lies darkness. A land where no light shall shine.

Until I can figure out how to take the old light out and put a new one in.

Makes cooking (even soup) a bit hard, no?

So the evil jar may be open, but now I’ve got bigger fish to fry. Because if this light went out–you know they are all about to follow.  EEP! I do not want to live in darkness. Lights, come unscrewed so I can figure out how to put new ones in. And yes, I’m aware that many blonde jokes could accompany this post.

But sometimes, a girl just can’t figure out how to unscrew a lightbulb.


And… on that note, time to get back to bed.  Wish me good health soon!!

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