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Simple Life is Best

Where I come from.

Life is Different.


But the good kind of slow.

Where I com from.

It’s special.

Madison, Georgia.

Madison is an amazing place.

I’ve mentioned it before, most notably in “Georgia Homesick.”

I could fill a book with nothing but stories and love for my town.

My town is special.

Here’s just a sampling for the day:

First of all, it didn’t get burned down during the War Between the States. (Or the War of Northern Aggression, or the Civil War if you’re a Yankee.)

We had a former West Point man named Mr. Joshua Hill who lived in this house:

And Mr. Hill was buddy buddy with General Sherman from their time at the Academy together.

As a result, Mr. Hill had his home spared:

And General Sherman was generous and spared the rest of my town from burning. Thanks Sherman! We have one of the largest historic districts in all of Georgia, for which I am grateful. Our Antebellum homes are amazing!

Including, this house, which is one of my favorites. (And will be in the spring tour of homes.)

And we have had a lot of movies and television shows filmed here. Sweet Home Alabama was shot down the road, but we’ve had our own celebrity encounters.  Kenneth Branagh and Cynthina Nixon were here for Warm Springs on HBO, Vampire Diaries historic home for the Salvatore brothers in the 1860s is across the street from my parent’s house, and My Cousin Vinny frequented our downtown.  And there have been many more movies and tv shows filmed here! I only expect to see more in the future. (And if you can find the pilot episode of October Road, you just may find my face in it!!)

Ever seen the HBO movie “Warm Springs?” This home, down the road from my parent’s house, served as FDR’s Warm Springs residence.

But my town is more than the houses. Or a destination. The food sure is good, the weather is lovely, and the walking is fantastic.

But it’s more than that.

It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been gone. Or where I am living.

When I get to Madison, I’m home.

Madison brings me home again–in all senses of the word.

It’s my family.

It’s filled with good people.

Great friends.

And a different pace of life.

Where is home for you?

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