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Southern Comfort

I love being at home.

Sure, there are things that are different. Less freedom. Time away from friends. No car of my own, yoga classes, or Whole Foods.

But whenever I go home, I get a chance to reconnect with me.

The real me. No censorship or fear. No worrying or responsibilities.

Quiet time to reflect.

Laughter with family.

Ridiculously tasty Southern food.

Back to my roots and interests. Daily yoga, singing, baking, walking, shopping, even wine partying.

I always feel like I eat more when I am home but I also walk more, meditate more, read more, and even sleep more soundly.

Am I alone in this? Is my experience unique?

Does anyone else go home and get grounded and energized?

Because I’m back in touch with me now. Watch out world!

My Southern home!

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