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What I learn from my one-year-old nephew

My nephew is amazing.

He teaches me a lot.

Even if he can only say about ten words. (One of which is “book!” Smart kiddo.)

Advice from my nephew:

1. Eat slowly and stop when you are full.
2. Down dog is the best!! And happy baby pose. And cat/cow. And boat. Wow! I accidentally do yoga all the time!
3. Always smile and wave at strangers. Making new friends is the best!!
4. Can we read another book please? Reading is awesome!
5. Hugs and kisses for everyone!
6. Shrug off pain and challenges. Cry it out and by five minutes later things are back to smiles.
7. Always be in the moment. Where else would someone be?
8. Did you know how cool leaves are? And trees and wind and pecans in their shells and nature and oh my! The world is pretty amazing!
9. Can we sing more? Lalalalalalalallaal.
10. Goodnight. Time to sleep. Best to do it when I’m tired so I can enjoy the rest of the say. Bye bye, night n….zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Things my 12 month old nephew does that sure are hard for me:

1. Crawling. I have bruises on my knees from teaching him how to safely crawl down stairs.
2. Laughing. Why don’t we laugh so much as adults?! I need to act like him all the time.
3. These toys nowadays. I swear I could not figure out how to use his toys. And since when did all toys make so much noise?
4. Uh-oh. Fall down? Get back up!
5. Wide eyed and present. He doesn’t skip a beat. No worrying about the past. No fretting about the future. He only lives in the now. Pretty impressive!!

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