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Let your inner love artist rock

It’s almost a week since Sandy Hook and I know, all around, there is still a feeling of uneasiness. Of loss. We feel unsafe.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am taking a self journey through the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

Week number one is “Recovering a Sense of Safety.” Relevant much?

We need to find a sense of happiness, safety, love inside ourselves so that we, in turn, can help others to feel safe and loved. We need to become informed love ambassadors. (I know, that is like the cheesiest expression ever that I just made up. Feel free to mock. Because I’m rocking my self-worth this am and ok with my own level of dork. Cheers!) By acting as informed love ambassadors we can loosen the climate of fear and sorrow. Brighten the world just the teensiest bit.

So yesterday. I did five things to let my inner love artist rock and regain that sense of safety.

1. I took myself for a walk along the water and kept my cell phone off.
2. I had nearly five inches of hair chopped off. New hairstyles are frightening! And amazing.
3. I meditated on my root chakra.
4. I sang.
5. I savored a brownie.

Yes, I am putting that brownie on the list towards making my inner love artist kick butt. Because this was an amazing brownie from Mr. Trader Joe’s. It was super tasty and I made it (though all I had to do was add eggs and butter, mix, and bake), so I think that quasi-counts towards my becoming an informed love ambassador. And, when eaten slowly, chocolate of any kind is definitely a love meditation.

See how yummy they are??? Thanks Mr. Joe!

But on a serious note–my root chakra meditation and singing made the day.

Muladhara (root) chakra 

The root chakra is at the base of the spine. Due to my pelvis issues and leg imbalance (see “One of These Things is Not Like the Other“), my root chakra is all kinds of blocked.

And do you know what a blocked root chakra means? Nothing good, I can tell you that!

Seriously, our root chakra controls our deepest unconsciousness. Our most primitive self. Our ability to trust ourselves, our connection to our own femininity (or masculinity), the flight or fight response, our stability,  our love, our capacity for abundance, our ability to FEEL SAFE.

Coincidence that my root chakra is all out of whack? Yours probably is, too. Plus, when it’s out of balance you get digestive issues, lower back pain, anxiety, a bad immune system, feelings of fear, an inability to love and accept love, an inability to achieve goals, even low self-esteem and a lack of sexual energy. (Just sayin’ the facts.) Whew! That’s not good. Y’all, it’s time to fix that, pronto.

Ways to bring your root chakra into balance:

  • Try this awesome meditation on yogaglo with Harshada Wagner
  • Deep deep belly breathing into your pelvis and base of your spine.
  • Take off your shoes and go barefoot, really FEEL the ground beneath your feet.
  • Bake or garden! (huzzah! my baking DOES help my creativity and safety. See? I knew it!)
  • Dance. You know the expression “dance like no one is watching.” For serious, do that.
  • Get organized (Not so much of the fun. But it does help. Spring Cleaning in December?)
  • Wear red. (I put on red pants. This one seems a bit hippie for me, but hey! I’ll try it.)
  • Practice Tadasana pose to get grounded.
Tadasana (Mountain) Pose
Also known as Samasthiti
Mr. Iyengar rocking Tadasana pose!

You’re probably like, are you SERIOUS Lora? I read this whole ridiculously long blog post and you tell me to do the most basic yoga pose ever–Tadasana!?!?! 

Yes, practice tadasana!!

In Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar teaches Tadasana pose FIRST. It is the root of all standing poses and yoga asanas. Iyengar says “Tada means a mountain. Sama means upright, straight, unmoved. Sthiti is standing still, steadiness.  Tadasana therefore implies a pose where one stands firm and erect as a mountain.  This is the basic standing pose.” Practice it on your back. Practice it in your kitchen. Practice it in your chair. Practice TADASANA whenever you can. Wherever you can.  Get grounded so you can be as solid as a mountain.

Get grounded so you can find your root chakra. Because I don’t think mountains feel fear. Mountains stand tall, weather the storms, and rise up from their base and reach towards the heavens. And mountains are HUGE. Can you imagine how much love you would feel if you could fill yourself up with love the size of a mountain?!?

Give it a shot. Get it on with your bad-ass mountain self. Rock that love artist in Tadasana.

Need help? Check out this quality tutorial on Tadasana on Yoga Journal.

And want the amazing part? I haven’t sung in months and months. And I sang at home. No real warm-up but deep deep belly breathing into my root chakra. No keyboard or piano. Only a few songs that I had accompaniment for on my computer.

But after practicing Tadasana, meditating on my root chakra, and letting go of my fear–I felt that I had some of the best singing I’d done in years.  I was able to sing deep notes that my mezzo-soprano self never thought possible! And I realize I need to do it regularly. Sing, that is. Every day even. (Anyone have a keyboard they want to pass along to me!?!) And when I sing–it’s another way to get out of my fear and access my inner love ambassador. Be the love rock star I know I can be. My inner love artist is starting to come out.  Can you find yours?!?

How can you find safety? How will you access your root chakra and get grounded? What did you used to do (like singing) that you have given up? Can you try it again to find a greater capacity to love and escape from fear? How can YOU be an informed love ambassador to the world? Will you try? Or do you think I’ve totally lost it and this post is just a complete load of malarkey? Either way, let me know!!


  • Jina

    December 20, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    I love the way you let your inner love artist rock!

    • Lora

      December 20, 2012 at 9:21 pm

      Thanks Jina!