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New Year, Love You: Resolution for Self-Love

What do we want?
When do we want it?

The road to love begins with the self.

In order to share our love outwards, we must first share our love inwards.

Let us not try to “re-invent” ourselves for the new year.
Let us not spend our time focusing on our outside appearance.
Let us not worry about what others think of us.

Let’s start by loving ourselves. Making peace with ourselves. Accepting ourselves. KNOWING ourselves. Just as we are. Right now. With all our imperfections.

And once we love, know, and acknowledge who we are, the easier it will be for us to love others.

If you were to draw a picture of yourself, what would it look like?

When I was nine, without judgement, without mocking, without any cruelty, I drew this image of myself:

I wasn’t mocking me. And, obviously, I did not have mittens for hands! But I was able to love myself. Without judgment.

Can we, as adults, love ourselves with that same abandon? Take in our flaws. Take in our goodness. Draw a silly self-portrait of ourselves–and LOVE it.

What don’t you love about yourself?
Write a list.
And then…
Turn that list into positives.

Love your flaws, love your imperfections, love everything.

And perhaps, with self-love, you’ll find you won’t need to write a stereotypical “New Year, New You” resolution. You don’t need a new “you.” You just need to LOVE you.

Having issues? My friend Anna Guest-Jelley (I swear, my yoga teacher training group had some of the best people on the planet involved!!) runs a self-love yoga website called “Curvy Yoga.” Her “Curvy Yoga Manifesto” exalts the principles of self-love.   Anna also has online classes, a blog, and more to help you love ALL of you.

This New Year’s, instead of criticizing your body, your mind, your heart, make a pact to love yourself and, as Anna says, “let feeling amazing be your only unit of self-measurement.”

All we need is love.

But we have to start by loving ourselves first.

Let’s give it a try.

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