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The Greatest Gift of All

So it is December.

“Rabbit Rabbit.” (Do you say “Rabbit Rabbit?” I never knew why I did, but greatly enjoyed checking out the Wikipedia entry. I think it’s safe to say that I can blame Nickelodeon for my tradition.)

December is one of my favorite months.

Wrapping Paper.
Jesus in a manger.

There are so many reason I love December that it would be silly for me to write them all down. But it *is* a “most wonderful time of the year.”

And this year, I am to use December to do some good for me.


  • 25 days of meditation 
  • 25 days of yoga inversions–going upside down and challenging my fear
  • 25 days to make a conscious effort to connect with my friends and family
  • 25 days to find ways to make people’s day brighter; no matter how small
  • 25 days to try and breathe deep, open my heart, and live in the present moment.

Christmas is about loving. 

An old Garfield comic strip said. “Christmas is not the giving or the getting. It’s the loving.”

And so, I will endeavor to make my next 25 days (and hopefully all days afterwards) about loving.

Exploring and loving my past and memories. The good and the bad.

Exploring and loving my future, whatever that may be. And taking steps to ensure that my future is one that promotes love to myself.

Loving myself.
Loving my family.
Loving my friends.
Loving strangers.

Finding the love in each moment–whether it be eating a food I’ve prepared, waiting at a stop-light, in meditation, or during the middle of a hectic day.

It’s the loving.

And in today’s world, that loving is hard to do.  For me? Sometimes that hardest part is the loving of myself and doing what is best for me. REALLY best. Being present. Letting go of worries. Organizing to ensure future worries will not be created. Letting go of organization when appropriate. Breathing in the now.

So that’s what I will do. For 25 days.  Wish me luck!

I will keep you posted on my efforts to find compassion everywhere I go. Somehow,  I think this will be one of the hardest tasks I have ever given myself.

Sure, this could be a New Year’s resolution. By why wait for something that can begin NOW?!?

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