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The heat is on in St. Pete

“Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents” grumbled Jo, lying on the rug.
Opening line of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.

“Christmas won’t be Christmas without cold weather,” grumbled Lora, leaning on the stairwell.
Opening line of Lora at the Junior League Holiday Party

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Or is it?

Not in Florida.

Thanks Mr. Global Warming.

Current weather forecast:

Yes, that’s a high of 75 almost every day and a low no lower than 63.

That may sound amazing to those of up North, but it’s not how I like my Christmas to roll.

I don’t need a lot for Christmas.
I don’t need snow.
I don’t need lots of lights.
I don’t need lots of presents, even.

Just a little cold-ish weather would be nice?

I do really really like to wear my fun wintertime festive Christmas and Holiday dresses, sweaters, pants, and coats. I’m aware, that I’m exhibiting my shallower side by admitting this. But who doesn’t enjoy getting dressed up for Christmas in their favorite cocktail dress? And my holiday clothes? They are super cute, y’all.

And it looks like they will stay in hiding. At least in Florida this year.

We had our Junior League holiday party last night at the Renaissance Vinoy St. Petersburg. (In case you were wondering, other than some AMAZING gorgonzola fig puffed pastry appetizers, the food was a tad lackluster, but I digress…)

Prior to the party, my first holiday shindig of the year, I had the hardest time finding an outfit to wear.

ALLLL my Christmas skirts and dresses are for weather that at least dips to the 50s.

But yesterday’s high was 79! That’s almost 80 degrees. That is SUMMER in many parts of the world.

How to find a holiday ensemble that’s summer-proof?

It’s hard to do. I swear.

I think I sorted through my entire closet THREE TIMES before I remembered I had fun little orangey-red 1920s-style dress to wear. So I took it out of hiding, embraced my inner-flapper gal, and wore it the event.

Here’s the dress: (Though totally not the most flattering angle. I’m that gal on the left, in case there was any doubt. Then again, there’s not so many of the red in this picture so, unless y’all confused me with the tree, I think it’s pretty clear. Again, again, sorry for the rambling! Apparently holidays get me in a chipper writing mood!)

With two of my friends in our warm weather holiday party clothes! Though I was told that my gold shoes are pretty “fly.” And do you see my pearl necklace? That was a bridesmaid gift from my best friend a year and a half ago. I love that she gave us something that we can wear and use after the wedding!!

Red sleeve-less dress.

Sans sweater.
Sans jacket.
Sans boots.

It’s definitely hot in Florida!

What do you miss the most during the holiday season, if things don’t go as you plan?

We all miss something.

It’s okay to admit it. In fact, it’s HEALTHY to admit it. We all have little vices. I like to play grown-up dress-up. For you, it could be that you’re on a diet and really want the Venti Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks. (Okay, maybe that is me a little bit, too.) Or you’re pregnant and really want champagne. (Hallelujah, that one is not me at all!) Or that you have family far away who you won’t be able to see this Christmas and are sad about. (Another me! Why does Iowa have to be so far from Georgia and Florida? Why, why, why?!?) Or it could be Christmas cards in the mail (what happened to those hand-written notes penned in cursive?), photos with Santa at the mall (do you ever get too old?), or something more serious like missing the smell of your Grandma’s house at Christmas who has passed away.  (Sometimes the smells of Christmas are the best….)

There can be so many things we love and, occasionally, find we just can’t have at the Holidays–no matter how hard we want it. 

What is it for you?

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