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Find your corner of the sky

When I was younger, I did musical theater.

There are worse things to have done.

And we weren’t such geeks as they are in Glee, so there’s that. (Though we also sang less pop songs, for what it’s worth…) But definitely my life in musical theater was slushi-free.

As I cleaned and organized my apartment yesterday, I somehow found myself putting an old musical dvd on.  I’d wanted something that I could half-pay attention to while sorting, doing laundry, dusting, etc.

I found my copy of Bob Fosse‘s Pippin starring Ben Vereen.

It’s a bit cheesy as far as musicals go, but has some amazing dancing, good music, and a message that sticks with you.

Pippin wants to live an “extraordinary” life.  He feels “desperate for something more” and wants to find his greatness and live out big dreams. (Never mind that he hasn’t a clue what the big dreams are.)

He sings about them in the song “Corner of the Sky:”

Pippin tries an education. He’s not happy. Pippin goes to war. He’s not happy. Pippin tries to stage a revolution. He’s not happy. Pippin becomes King. He retires because he’s not happy.  Pippin has lots and lots of crazy sex with as many people as possible. He’s unhappy and feels “empty and unfulfilled.” Pippin tries religion. He’ still not happy. Pippin meets an everyday girl named Catherine and begins to fall for her, but doesn’t like “everyday things” and leaves–again unhappy.

Ultimately, Pippin realizes that he keeps looking and looking for happiness outside of himself. He searches for something “bigger and better,” but can’t find contentment.  Pippin realizes he wanted “magic shows and miracles,” but that true happiness comes with the ordinary.  Pippin returns to Catherine, a simple life, and finally lets go of his wish to be “extraordinary” to find happiness in the present, without the bells and whistles.

Pippin says that finding love, balance, and contentment doesn’t make him a coward or a failure.  Instead, he says it is scary and that he, in fact, feels a little bit “trapped, which isn’t too bad for the end of a musical comedy.” But Pippin dives into the fear to find his musical comedy happy ending.

We all want to chase after our big dreams like Pippin. And big dreams are important.  But how often do you let the feeling that something must be better, that something must be bigger, interfere with your ability to live and love in the moment?  If you constantly search for something better, you will never find contentment. Only when embracing the moment, the “ordinary,” can you, like Pippin find happiness and your own “corner of the sky” where you belong.

On The Daily Love, Anthony Miendl stresses this very message of finding contentment when life doesn’t follow your mental “plan.” Anthony says life “may not always turn out the way we think it’s going to turn out, but what if that became part of the fun, the excitement, the mystery of simply being here?”

Anthony urges us, like Pippin, to stop suffering and complaining when life doesn’t seem to fit to our preconceived notions. He asks us to stop resisting the moments of difficulty and “become present to what they have to show us.” When we open up to the reality, let go of how we picture our life to be, we can open ourselves up to happiness and love.

But like Pippin says, embracing the path may be scary. You may feel “trapped” or uncomfortable. But you can also feel love, joy, and happiness.  And….you just might find your “corner of the sky.”

Give it a shot. Let go of your plan and embrace the moment.

You just may find the present makes your soul sing and is better than anything you could have imagined.


  • tracey

    March 19, 2013 at 11:59 am

    I am so glad I found this post. First of all, I have a dear friend named Pippin who is living the storyline as we speak. But than again so am I. I got the same message out of seeing the new Oz movie. Everyone wants greatness, but how about everyday goodness? Thanks for the great post!

  • Johnny@FitnessKings

    March 19, 2013 at 11:59 am

    So true! I think it’s ok to have goals, but you can’t get down every time a goal doesn’t appear to be reached. Nothing is forever, we do eventually get where we need to be and if we embrace where we are in the moment, the journey will always be better. You also appreciate it more when you do reach your goals. Good post!

  • Stacey Merrill

    March 19, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Carpe Diem! Great post and so true

  • Anne~Freedom Yoga

    March 22, 2013 at 11:27 am

    There is such a joy when you realize that you are already surrounded by the extraordinary…we all just have to pause & experience it…thanks for the great post!