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Freedom Flow at Body Electric

There’s a new yoga studio in town. In my St. Pete town, that is.

The Body Electric Yoga Company.

I have to dig the name.

Not only do I love me some Walt Whitman (who doesn’t?!?), but I used to work on projects for the new Electric Company back when I lived in the Big Apple and worked at Sesame Street. So I will happily “sing the body electric” on my yoga mat. Because the physical body is pretty awesome. And yoga helps that body get even better.

The Body Electric is owned by two rocking local yoginis, Jenny and Katelyn. You may have heard of them before, through their ridiculously cool yoga blog beerasana.com. (“Yoga for people who drink beer.” Who DOESN’T love that?!?)

Here are the owners, as shown on their website:

AND just because it is ridiculously amusing, here I am at the grand opening party. Like how nimble I look?!? Lora be nimble, Lora “BE” yoga. (Sorry that was super bad, just tried to incorporate “the BE” popular abbreviation for the Body Electric Yoga Company.) But you know you smiled a bit. Come on, you know you did. And I’m writing this at six-something in the morning. Give a gal a bit of credit for trying to be clever, even if it’s lame.

Tomorrow, two of my favorite Tampa Bay yogis Eric and Erin Wheeler of Lucky Cat Yoga will be teaching a special two hour “Freedom Flow” at the Body Electric.

It’s gonna be awesome, y’all!

So this Saturday, from 2-4pm, you should head on over to the BE! Not only will Eric and Erin teach an amazing fluid flow class for ALL LEVELS (yes, running buddies, I checked and they said y’all will love it, too!), they will even provide some live music during savasana! What can be better than that? Oh and did I mention it only costs $25? Remember, I just returned from Manhattan where the average class (and I even mean the average ONE HOUR class) costs $25. That’s a pretty sweet deal for you St. Pete-ites!

Sign up HERE.

And no, I didn’t get anything for free for talking about this. I just think everybody should go.  So get off your butt and make it there tomorrow! 2pm! BE there at the BE!! 😀

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