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Know where you are!

“If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t get what you want.”

Makes sense, right?

Well until my amazing weekend workshop with Jaye Martin, it never clicked for me. I’m always grasping for the next thing, moving on to the next project, the next pose, the next activity.

But I forget to pay attention to where I am.

Until you know your basics, you can’t go forward.

In yoga, until I reallllllllllly sit with my posture alignment in tadasana (mountain pose), my downward dog, the basics of the basic poses, I will never get the headstand I want. It doesn’t mean I can’t do a headstand. It just means I can’t do my OPTIMAL headstand for Lora. And doing yoga for ten years does NOT mean I know how to practice my optimal basics. I’ve got to take a step back. Acknowledge, okay Lora, this is where you are. Really know where I am. Then once I know what I am currently doing–I can move forward to attaining the greatness that I desire in my yoga practice. (And I’m not saying greatness in that I want to be a super amazing Yoga Journal cover model. I want, as they say in Anusara yoga, to “open to grace.” To be the happiest me in each and every pose and practice each pose in a way that is most beneficial to my body and my physical, mental, and emotional well being.)

On Saturday, I learned that where I THOUGHT I was and where I really am are two entirely different things.

That’s super scary to find out.

But then.


I know where I am.

I really know where I am, at this moment, in some of my poses.

That’s pretty blissful, y’all.

The hard part? Is taking that knowledge off the mat and applying it to life.

So I did what I know how to do.

I sat back and journaled.

The ten questions I asked myself are basic, but they are the key to starting off self-exploration. To knowing what you are doing. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Just free-write and see what comes up. Save the list.

The most important thing is to answer these questions in a cut and dry way. Do not criticize your answers. Do not judge. Just acknowledge the facts and write them down!

Get What You Want By Knowing Where You Are Writing Exercise

  1.  What is your basic LinkedIn resume? Your name, city you live in, job title and function, employer, and other professional credentials.  
  2. What would your facebook say about you? Who are your friends, your family, acquaintances? What are your events, your free-time activities, relationship status, photos? 
  3. What are the activities, friendships, relationships, etc. that you DON’T post on facebook?
  4. How do you feel first thing when you wake up in the morning and what is your morning routine?
  5. What time do you go to bed? What is your evening routine before going to bed?
  6. How much money is really in your bank account? How much money do you make? How do you spend your money? 
  7. What is your physical appearance? How do you dress? How do you do your hair? How do you maintain or take care of your physical body?
  8. What is your spirituality? Do you go to church? Do you believe in God?
  9. What kind of home do you keep? Is it a house? An apartment? Clean, neat, unfurnished? Describe where you physically live, eat, and sleep.
  10. Describe your relationships. What is your relationship like with your family? What are your romantic relationships like? Your friendships? And, most importantly, what is your relationship like with yourself? Do you normally love yourself? Do you normally critique yourself? Just write it down.

After you have answered these questions, in whatever way they go. Read over them briefly. DO NOT JUDGE THE ANSWERS.  Then, turn to a new page.

Ask one question: What do I want my life to be like?

Free-write your reply. Write as long as you need.  This doesn’t have to be the definitive answer. We’re just in the beginning. Just brainstorming. Beginning to know the real YOU for the first time…

Read over your answers. How different is where you want you life to be and where you are? Just notice. AGAIN, DO NOT JUDGE. Just sit with what IS for a moment. We will work to get to where we want to be later.  For now, it is just about knowing where you ARE.

And the best part?  There’s no rush to have the answers. You are an amazing and spectacular person. Friendships, relationships, they take time–years.  The relationship and process of knowing yourself is not something you can rush. It takes patience, honesty, vulnerability, and compassion–just like any other relationship.

But knowing yourself is the first step in a beautiful journey of life.  And finally getting what you want.

Let’s give it a shot!

“If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t get what you want.”

Let’s start learning what we’re doing, so we can work to actually get all the beautiful, wonderful things that we want.


  • Mindys fitness journey

    April 2, 2013 at 9:28 am

    This is awesome! I will get to this this weekend. Thanks

  • Jenna {Real Simple Girl}

    April 2, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    This is a great exercise… a good way to think about future goals and how to achieve them!

  • yogainbloom

    April 5, 2013 at 4:12 am

    Such an interesting exercise. Food for thought. Especially no. 10.

  • Carol Fellowes

    April 7, 2013 at 12:44 pm