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April Goal Review

Another month has come and gone. How do they fly by so quickly? I always feel like they WOOSH by and as soon as I’m ready to savor the moment, it’s already on to another month!

Now, it’s time to kick the goals into action for May.  I have a feeling that May is going to be A-MAY-ZING! 🙂

First,  however, a review of April goals:

  • Goal: To STOP procrastinating. When there is something that needs to be done I shall a) do it right away or b) put it on my to-do list on my refrigerator and do it as soon as humanly possible and CROSS IT OFF THE LIST.
  • Success: I definitely did not start a to-do list on my refrigerator. BUTTTT I do think I took some baby steps towards reducing my procrastination.
  • Goal: Run a 5k 1-3 times/week. Preferably run with friends.
  • Success: Definitely a success! Wahoo!!!
  • Goal: Continue yoga practice of minimum of 30 minutes a day, with continued emphasis on getting into classes or workshops 3 times/week.
  • Success: Mostly. I could have gone to class better, but chose “lazy” over class. Time to nip that in the bud!
  • Goal: Continued meditation practice of 30 minutes/day. Working into 15 minutes in am, 15 minutes in pm and gradually increasing time.
  • Success: Fail. I barely had time to meditate for five minutes some days and definitely missed quite a few days. Think I need to scale this down for a May.
  • Goal: Continue to grow love for baking and cooking for others by, well, baking and cooking for others every week.
  • Success: I rocked this one out of the ball park!
  • Goal: Do something for my personal and professional long-term growth and goals EVERY DAY.
  • Success: Ish. Again, I think fear and laziness keep me from really going after this one. I need to work harder and make this a better priority for May.
  • Goal: Figure out a better savings plan specifically for future workshops and classes that promote my spiritual and physical well being. (Writing classes, yoga workshops, meditation retreats, etc.)
  • Success: Did absolutely nothing to work on this goal. Whoops!
  • Goal: Limit my beer consumption to baseball games. (It’s beer season in Florida and my body does NOT do well with beer, it makes me feel poofy all over….)
  • Success: Pretty darn close! I modified to “sporting events” so that I could have beer after the St. Anthony’s Triathlon.
  • Goal: Blog five times/week. 
  • Success: 21 posts in April. Which is an average of 5.25 posts/week! 🙂
  • Goal: Stand up for myself more. 
  • Success: I am awesome and do not need to take crap from people. I’d say I worked a lot on this one this month.  Too bad it sometimes falls on deaf ears!

How did you do in April? Did you meet your goals? Did you set goals?