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DJ Got Me Singing a YOGA Song

Power Yoga.

Restorative meditation.

Two DJ yoga classes.
One weekend.

DJ got me singing a YOGA song, y’all!

After my recent breathing problems, I used my weekend to reconnect me to the breath.

I got down with my yoga self.

First, I hit up an awesome Power Flow with Jenny Miller over at Body Electric Yoga Company on Saturday am.

Let me tell you, feeling poorly definitely makes you appreciate how AWESOME you feel when you start to get well.  I now SING THE BODY ELECTRIC in everything I do. Every running step. Every yoga pose. Every breath.

It’s powerful stuff, yo!

Later on Saturday I was lucky enough to sub a restorative yoga and meditation class, also at the Body Electric. A mixture of restorative poses (with props like bolsters, yippee!) and seated meditation made for a very relaxed midday and a better connection to the present moment.  I absolutely LOVE teaching restorative postures and meditation. When you slow down and listen to the breath, amazing things happen. And my savasana chanting always seems calmer and more focused in these types of classes. I wish I could teach it all the time! Thanks for letting me be the substitute!!

Here’s a glimpse of Saturday’s juicy restorative supta baddha konasana (Reclined bound-ankle pose) with some of the lovely ladies from the B.E. (Wearing the awesome Body Electric Yoga Company shirts…)

Then I received a surprise in Rachel Miller’s Sunday morning class–DJ Menscha!  We had some sweaty groovy yoga flow going on! I wish I could have a live DJ at EVERY YOGA CLASS!

But wait! For Memorial Weekend I could have an extra dose of awesome live DJ action! I high-tailed it over to one of my favorite Tampa Studios, the fabulous Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation for take TWO with DJ Menscha–and Erin Wheeler of Lucky Cat Yoga.  The lovely Erin always has a fantastic class–well sequenced, themed, sweaty, and full of both introspection and laughs. I cannot think of a better way to spend the morning of Memorial Day than by honoring those who gave up their lives for my freedom through a practice on the mat with Erin and DJ Menscha.  Thank you!!
Haven’t had a class with DJ Menscha yet? Check out his facebook page to stay up-to-date with all his class happenings! You can “like” it here. Maybe we can get lucky and have him for a Yoga for Atheletes class someday?!?

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