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Learning by Observing: Kathryn Budig’s Sun Solutions at Yogani

Being injured is hard.

But I’ve learned it is ESPECIALLY hard when there is something you super duper duper want to do.

Through September, Kathryn Budig teaches a monthly master class at Yogani Studios in Tampa, Florida.

Why I was so excited:

  • Kathryn Budig trained under Maty Ezraty, one of the founders of Yoga Works. (I am a Yoga Works certified yoga teacher.)
  • The workshop was on alignment and breaking down sun salutations–something 9/10 yoga classes have a lot of.
  • I have taken a ton of Kathryn’s classes on Yogaglo.com.
  • I want Tampa Bay to continue to get “big” workshops! 😀
  • To get some fitness on! Sun salutations are one of the best yoga physical highs to get the heart-rate pumping and the whole body moving!!

What the reality was:

  • I couldn’t do any of the poses besides the ooey gooey final savasana. 🙁 BUT I learned greater body awareness and that it is A-OK to say “nope, that’s not happening.”
  • I got to watch people do poses I only dreamed of!
  • By watching, I was able to always have my notebook handy and wrote down some fantastic flows!
  • I received some great Kathryn Budig words of inspiration. The first part to doing something hard, she says, is to start by saying “YES! I can TOTALLY do that!” And mean it. And then strive to do it.  YES! I can totally do a handstand in my sun salutations. Just not today. But soon. Soon!
  • Community is awesome. So many people asked me how I was, so many people were ready to help each other on their mats, so much positive energy.  I had a yoga high just watching!!!

Injuries are hard, but the lessons they provide us only make us stronger. While I couldn’t get my sun salutations on with Kathryn Budig–I learned more about the postures and the breath by watching. I was still able to VISUALIZE myself doing the poses; and breathe with the same yogic awareness. And that was pretty incredible.

I can’t wait until July 10th when Kathryn Budig comes back to Yogani and Tampa to teach a master class focused on backbends. Fingers crossed I will be able to really participate!!!

Here’s some fun photos from the workshop:

Here’s a fellow runner yogi before class:

Kathryn helped us learn to engage the armpits! Good thing I could photograph it, since I couldn’t raise my arms up!

Kathryn broke down some fun variations of getting into chaturanga:

Beautiful variations of flows:

Have you ever attended a yoga workshop that you couldn’t take? How did it make you feel? Were you able to take away all the positives and not dwell in the “I can’t” attitude?

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