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RECAP: Yoga Love Flow

On June 1, I was privileged to teach a special donation Yoga Love Flow class for Boston at the Body Electric Yoga Company in St. Petersburg, Florida alongside the amazing Laura Conley.
Boy did we have fun! Our group of yogis, runners, and beginners raised nearly $200 towards a great cause with One Fund Boston.
Here’s a recap of the day:

Me, getting silly in a side plank variation!

Check out Laura in wild thing:

Laura and I smiling for the camera after class:

Gotta love getting into those hips:

Beautiful tree arms on Tara:

Lovely Katie twists!

And of course, TREE POSE FUN:

And the best part, our names on the board:

How do you like to support charities and raise awareness? Have you ever taught or been to a yoga class for a cause?

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