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Acknowledge how far you’ve come

This weekend was race weekend. The first race of race season. Rock ‘n Roll Savannah Half Marathon!

Starting line!

Rock ‘n Roll Savannah.

It was fabulous.

So much cheering.

A good race time (2:02:59).

Southern home cooking.


And again–so many cheers!

Post-race celebrations!

Throughout the weekend, we ran into other runners, trainers, friends, and Savannah-ites.  “Did you do the marathon?” They would ask us. “Oh just the half,” I replied each and every time.

In the end, my friend said “LORA! You have to stop saying ‘just the half.’ You did a HALF MARATHON. That’s a big deal.”

I was so caught up in my next race (Women’s Half Marathon St. Pete), my friends doing more impressive distances (we had friends doing a half Ironman the same weekend), and even my yoga-attitude, that I forgot to acknowledge what I did. I ran a half marathon last weekend. And I did it with no pain and in a good time. I should be proud.

In yoga, the emphasis is on non-attachment. The “eight limbs of yoga” tells us to be content with where we are yet, with an attempt to let go of our victories–we forget they are just that: victories.  Meanwhile, religion and the bible warns against pride.  So we follow our paths of truthfulness. We keep our dhriti (steadfastness) as we look at how we can better ourselves on our next attempt, we practice humility, we let go of our successes.  And then. Then we realize we have missed out on one important aspect: COMPASSION TO SELF and SELF-LOVE.

There is a difference between self-love and boasting.  There is a difference between congratulating yourself on a job well done and over-emphasizing self-improvement.  And there is a fine line between humility, honesty, and happiness.

You need to say “well done” to be happy.
You need to acknowledge the JOURNEY to move forward.
You need to appreciate your successes to help others love themselves and move forward in their journey.

Acknowledging a job well done is not the same thing as being overly proud or arrogant. Finding eternal contentment begins with finding happiness in every moment.  And sometimes that means reminding yourself that you did something cool, you did something other people never dream of doing, and it means remembering all that it has taken to end up where you are.

And my half marathon reminded me that YES we all do things every day that we should celebrate. We should take JOY in our journey.  And take JOY in knowing that the journey never ends.  All while remembering each and every person has a different journey, different steps, different successes, and different failures.  And by finding contentment with our own accomplishments maybe we can help others find the balance to appreciate their own victories. More importantly, remembering to take joy in our successes helps us to maintain positivity when we are feeling failure, when we are experiencing difficulties, when we are struggling to keep going.

So the next time someone congratulates you on something, just say “thank you.” Feel the moment and appreciate where you are. Be HAPPY with the accomplishments in life.

Once you’ve felt it and experienced the joy; you can let it go. You MUST let it go. That’s what prevents being overly proud, overly boasting, and hurtful.  And remember that success looks different for everyone.  But we should always remember to appreciate our winning moments so that we can help others find self-love and appreciation on their journey.

We’re all winners; we just sometimes need to remember that!

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