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Nom nom nom COOKIES!

Who doesn’t love cookies?

I try to be Paleo.
I try to eat mostly vegetarian. (Can’t quit you BACON, though.)

But, try as I might, I cannot have a December without COOKIES.

Cookies, glorious cookies!

And what better way to enjoy cookies than at a cookie party with friends?

Ginger, pumpkin, peppermint, fruit-filled, shortbread, frosted, paleo, and plain. Cookies, cookies, cookies galore!

I made the constant favorite: ginger cookies.

There were so many favorites, though! I can’t wait to make the Paleo Chocolate Bacon cookies again!

Cookies with friends is one of my absolute favorite parts of Christmas.  Cookies with family is up next, where we will all try to remain friends as we frost sugar cookies. Ha!

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

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