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Coconut Bread

I have been asked what coconut bread recipe I currently use.  I rotate between a few, specifically my banana based Coconut-bread. Sometimes I am lazy and buy the pre-made Julian Bakery coconut bread (great if you want to use a toaster for your bread!) from Whole Foods.

Currently, I tried out this recipe from Amazing Paleo with great results! The addition of coconut milk helped to cut the coconut flour’s sometimes grainy texture in loaf form. It reminds me more of cornbread than anything else. You wouldn’t want to use it for, say, trying to make a Paleo-sandwich. I will give it a shot for a French-toast like casserole, however.  It is great on it’s own or with a little honey or raspberry jam!

What is your favorite coconut bread recipe?

For the coconut milk coconut-bread recipe, again, visit my friends at Amazing Paleo. The recipe is from Mariel Lewis and super easy and SUPER quick to pull together.  You can find the recipe HERE.

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