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DIY Button Lamp

I love old buttons.

I mean I seriously love old buttons.  To the extreme. I have a HUGE jar of them and am always collecting more.  It’s goes back to my Grandma.  Grandma had a fantastic button collection and, as a child, sometimes I would play with her blue container of miscellaneous buttons.  When she passed away, my Mama took over the buttons.  She has used them as fashion accessories in hats, purses, aprons, scarves, and more.

I like buttons in home decor.

I knew I wanted to incorporate some buttons into my new apartment, but was not quite sure how.

Then… I spotted this lampshade at Ikea:

With the spiraling pattern and white embroidered circles, I knew this was the lampshade for my apartment. And the cure for my button craving!
Time for craft glue! And buttons!
I like quick craft projects. My Mama laughs at me because she says I like “half hour crafts.” Which is true, though there can be great satisfaction in long-term craft projects, as well.
I glued the buttons on top of the embroidered circles covering the lampshade.
So simple, even a child could do it.  (In fact, maybe that’s my problem…I craft like a kid!)

Add in an old base from Target I had in storage and, voila!
Looks like you could find it at Anthropologie, no? And all completed in a half hour of actual work.
What do you think? Do you use buttons in your home decorating? If so, how? What button crafts should I try next?


  • MomMaven

    January 9, 2014 at 11:00 am

    I LOVE this! I would buy that but probably never be clever enough to think to make it my self. Great job!