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Forgive and Forget (Sometimes easier said than done)

Do you forgive easily?

Or are you the kind of person who keeps a mental score-card? A mental tally that says I remember when this person did xyz thing to me and it hurt me and then xyz thing happened.

Or do you just get desperately hurt from people from your past and, although you don’t have a score card, cannot seem to let go of the pain?

Guess what?

You need to forgive.

Don’t hold grudges.

Don’t hold on to anger.
Forgive and look at the situation with new eyes – new perspective – new compassion – new friendship. Love.
So many people hold on to anger, negativity, hurt feelings, petty actions, those “split milk” moments.
Stop that, right now.
Let it go. Forgive. Open up to looking at the situation with a new look.
I recently was blessed with the opportunity to look forgiveness in the eye.  I was put back in contact with someone who once drove me a bit crazy.  And found that I actually really liked them now and thought they were pretty awesome and very kind.

Did the person change?
Not an ounce.

Did the circumstances change?
Yes, time changes all circumstances.

Did my perspective change?
Yes, I let myself view things differently.

Did I choose to forgive the person for past hurts?
YES, I chose forgiveness!

And that is what made all the difference. By forgiving the person for the past pain I experienced, I was able to see the person through new eyes. By forgiving the person, I was able to find a new friend while simultaneously ridding myself of toxic emotions I didn’t even know I still had inside!

It felt pretty amazing.

How are you holding on to anger? How are you holding on to grudges?  What happens if the circumstances have changed? What happens if you just change the way YOU view the other person? What happens if you just LET GO of the pain and LET IN forgiveness and love?

Can you tell that letting go is a theme this week?  We have to let go in order to let in and move on. Trust me, it will help you to feel A LOT better!

Try letting go of past hurt and forgive someone today. You may not have the opportunity to see them in person (as I did), but you may still discover you can make a new friend. Or at least find some awesome piece of mind!

Does forgiveness come easily for you?


  • Stacey Merrill

    February 27, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Great post. This came up at my book group last weekend (we were reading The Husband’s Secret). One person said she can forgive but doesn’t forget & I’d have to agree with that