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Know what makes you tick


Today, I spent a lot of time learning about my strengths and what motivates me and makes me feel good.

Examples of things that make me happy: (in no particular order)

Spending time with friends and family
Birthday presents (tehehehehe)
Practicing Yoga
Teaching Yoga
Good food, preferably enjoyed with good people
Good wine, ditto
Champagne and avocados. And bacon!
Books, loveeee reading good books!
Letters, Snapchats, emails, texts from friends and loved ones
Writing in my journal
Nice people
Going to church
Talking to my Mama on the phone
Reconnecting with old friends
Having a clean and organized home
Decorating my home
Being creative
Going to arts events (museums, plays, musicals, you name it)
Holding hands
Going for walks
The color pink
The water
Writing fiction
Inspiring others
Being in the present moment

How often am I doing these things?


So what do I do?

Okay. So that’s the good question.  I’m not going to go up to random strangers on the streets to give them hugs! (That would be awkward. And potentially unsafe.)

Some of them are habits…such as writing in my journal every morning.

Some of them are things that I can’t even remember the last time I did!

Which again begs the question….

So what do I do?

  1. I’m blogging about them here..duh!
  2. I am going to share this list with my friends and people who will help me on the happiness path.
  3. I’m going to print out this list.
  4. Then I’m going to separate the list into THREE categories: what I do daily, what I do every 3-5 days, what I do verrry sporadically, and what I never do.
  5. I’m going to put that list in my journal.
  6. Then I’m going to start with the things I never do and try one of them once a week.
  7. Meanwhile, work to move the things that I only do every so often or every 3-5 days to be MORE often. (Unless it’s not smart to do so…like with running. Running every day isn’t the smartest! But why don’t I add a dance class on my rest day? Go swim? Make a pact to take a studio yoga class every day for a week? The options are endless!)
  8. Make a little cheat sheet in my journal for the week with what I hope to accomplish.
  9. Add on to my little cheat sheet every week.
  10. Watch happiness grow in life!

 Do you have any suggestions on ways to improve YOUR happiness quotient?  What makes YOU tick? Are you doing it?


  • MomMaven

    February 25, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    I think the thing that makes me happy…that I seldom ever do is dance. My husband hates to dance so I truly only get to dance at weddings and at blog conference parties so we re talking 2-3 times a year at most. I need to find a way to remedy that.