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Believe in what you want

Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened.” Matthew 7:7

You can’t get what you want if you never knock at the door.

I know so many people who don’t even know what they want. Who are unhappy or discouraged but can’t tell you what they would need to make their life better.

Me? I found I wanted fifty million things, but I wasn’t really do anything about it.

So I started a list.

A free-write list.

I divided my journal into two sections. One called “I want.” One called “I don’t want.”

And I began to write until I couldn’t write any more. Back and forth until I wrote down everything (at that moment) that I knew I wanted and everything (at that moment) that I knew I didn’t want.

Let me warn you–this task is NOT easy.

You have to be brutally brutally honest.

You have to reach for the moon.

And you have to know your strengths and bare your faults.

It doesn’t have to be all BIG stuff.  For example, my “wants” list includes simple things alongside the big picture and vulnerable stuff, such as:

  • to practice yoga every day
  • to get a massage weekly
  • to learn about wine
  • to be a good friend

My “don’t wants” include:

  • to be insecure (twice!)
  • to have a cluttered, messy house
  • negative nancys and mean girls
  • to not see my parents

The lists go on, these are just a handful. Some are uber-personal, some general BIG stuff (like having kids someday), some funny, etc.

Then I read over the lists. I circle the ones that are repetitive. Then I go back with a highlighter. I highlight everything that I can begin to accomplish or have RIGHT NOW.  For example, my don’t wants include “to be anxious and worry all the time” and my DO WANTS include daily yoga practice, meditation daily, and to “let go control and really mean it.”  If I decide to really let go control, I will not have my fear (aka don’t wants), which translates to anxiety and worry. Today I can take a yoga class, meditate, and decide to really give up control and mean it. Really mean it. And if I really mean it and believe it, the don’t want will go away.

You with me?

I work on them over the week and read the lists over every morning.

The list is fluid and changing. Sometimes, I try and do daily lists. I at least try and do weekly lists. This Sunday, I will write another two lists.  Still free-writing. And then I will work off that new list for a week with the same process.

The idea is that, by putting your wants to paper, you will really begin to believe them and understand your dreams.  By reading them over, you will begin to accomplish them. And if you write the same thing week after week after week and aren’t doing anything about it? Well then, the idea is that EVENTUALLY you will notice that you are writing say “I want to act” every week and not doing it and finally go out and take a step to do this.

And don’t get me wrong, these lists contain BIG THINGS. BIG THINGS that I have no control over. So you know what I do with those things? I pray. I ask God. And I mean it, because I know they are coming from my heart and with good intention.

I know at the door.  And trust that it will open with opportunities.

But the door will never open if you don’t know how to ask.

Look inwards so that you can expand outwards.  Knock at the door of opportunity and ask for help, for guidance, and your biggest dreams.

Don’t be afraid to manifest abundance in your life.

Don’t be afraid to ask and believe that you are worthy of what you want.  And maybe, just maybe, someday you’re “don’t want” list will fade away. And then, maybe, just maybe, someday, our “want” list will fade away. Because we will discover that we already have everything we could possibly want.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  • Jenn C.

    March 8, 2014 at 10:40 am

    What a great idea! This is something I’ve struggled with lately. I know there are lots of things I want in life, but I have a hard time articulating and ranking them. I should try this. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jenna {Real Simple Girl}

    March 9, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    I LOVE this!!! I definitely want to make lists like you did. I agree that writing everything on paper helps because you can look back at it and remind yourself of what you do and don’t want. And yes, pray, pray, pray for the big things!!! πŸ™‚