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Breathe before you speak

Breathe before you speak.

You’d think that would be natural, wouldn’t you?

Breathe before you speak.

And yet… for the past few days I have been astounded by the lack of oxygen.

Breathe. And then speak.

People have been reacting with anger, with frustration, with ignorance, meanness, you name it.

I’ve felt some crazy negative energy.

And it is all because people have not BREATHED before speaking.

A breath can do so much.

It can let in a laugh. It can let out a sob.  It can open you up to kindness. It can open you up to fear. Most importantly, it lets you connect to what is actually happening around you.

A breath brings you to the present moment.

I have been taking lots of deep breaths.

It’s hard to do sometimes.

We forget to breathe and the result?

People yell at their servers, they say insulting things, people hurt other people with words, with tenor, with action.

But when you breathe in and speak on the breath? You give your body a chance to pause. A chance to connect to your emotions. A chance to realize what is about to come out of your mouth and speak from a place of clarity and connection.  To find kindness and truth.

I think if we all took deep breaths before we speaking we would find greater happiness and greater kindness to others. The world would instantly be a better place.

Because sometimes a breath is all we need to get out of our head and connect with the person we are talking to. And sometimes a breath is all we need to get INTO our head and speak with clarity and focus. To choose thoughtful words.

But above all, a breath can help us speak from a place of compassion and a place of kindness. To regain the present moment, all you need is a deep breath.

Give it a shot. Take a breath before you start to speak.

Right now, wherever you are,

Breathe IN deeply.


Now, deep breath in…again.

Deep, full, connected INHALE.

How do you feel?


  • xiomara @ Parkesdale

    March 4, 2014 at 9:47 am

    Thank you for the kind words. I will breathe before I speak today. And I hope to remember this daily.

  • Jennette Cronk

    March 4, 2014 at 10:00 am

    Sometimes I find I have actually been holding my breath. I think, “how long have I been doing that?” Thank you for this healthy reminder.