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I don’t know more than you

I don’t know any more than you.  I may know different things than you and have different lessons to share, but I don’t know any more than you.

Be cautious of those who think they have all the answers and you have none.

We are constantly learning from each other.

On Wednesday night over delectable “mac bites” at Datz in Tampa, my friend asked me about a yoga “guru.” A yoga teacher in our state who believes that he is the best, that he has the answers, that it is his way or no way.

He makes me uncomfortable.  Because he is not and cannot be the definitive yoga resource. He can’t have all the answers…And to assume that one does? That is not a real teacher.

That is not the path to learning.

The teacher must always be the student.

My friend Karen–my yoga student AND my teacher!! (And one of my best supporters!!)

I ask you all to be wary of anyone who self-identifies themselves as a “guru” (no matter it be yoga, writing, marketing, etc.), who preaches but does not learn, who assumes they are always correct.

Students, seek out the teachers who admit their faults, who constantly grow, who change, and who learn from you and alongside you.

For they are the ones that can change your life!

Teachers, learn from your students, learn from your mistakes, never stop examining, never stop  questioning, and never ever stop growing.

Above all, remember that we must continually grow and better ourselves.  The journey is never complete. Only God has all the answers and we must challenge ourselves every day to be better than the day before…and that only comes through humility and constant learning–from our students, our friends, and ourselves.

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