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Self-Love to #PassLove: 5 ways to love yourself today

The road to love starts with the self. In order to #PassLove, we must practice self-love.

And we all can use a little self-love.

Five Ways to Love Yourself Today

1. Bubble bath, wine, and a good book (just don’t drop your Kindle or iPad in the water!!)

What person doesn’t love a bubble bath, wine, and a good book? Seriously.

2. Move with the #lornajanespringclean

I haaaattttee working on core poses and poses that involve arm balances. Because they are hard.  And that is NO reason to avoid them. Challenging yoga poses are AWESOME. They help us remember that we are strong, beautiful, and amazing.  It’s an act of self-love to work on things that can be a little bit tricky for you.

My challenge? Bakasana–crow pose. Today, I found crow pose a little bit easier to hold. The arms got a little bit straighter. The butt a little closer to my heels (and to the ground.)  Soon, jumping back will be effortless.  As I smashed my fingers into the ground, I felt my arms lift my body further forward and my core engage more completely than normal. That’s a win! Do something that challenges you, but is still accessible.  Go upside down. Practice crow.  Move and love yourself along the way. 🙂

Challenges help bring you to the present moment. And the present moment is where all the magic happens.  Jump in! (Literally!)

3. Learn your love language

We’re reading Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages in my book group. It’s really useful information. For example, I looooooooooove receiving thoughtful presents. I used to be embarrased by this because it seemed shallow or anti-yoga. But it’s not! The present doesn’t have to be big–taking me to dinner even makes me happy, buying a bottle of wine I will like, a headband, baking me a cake, you name it! Presents come in all shapes and sizes. And I do feel good when I have physical tokens of love from people and that is a-ok… And probably also because….

I am a super big fan of physical touch–a hug can go a long way with me! It was actually my highest scored love language, which surprised me! So when a gift is hand-made or is accompanied by a hand-written note, I get excited that someone else touched the present, made the gift, and thought to give it to me. Sounds silly when you put it in writing like this, but it’s important to know how you tick! (And remember: there’s nothing like a good hug!)

My third highest love language is quality time. It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as I do it with people I care about.  Good things to know.  (And I have to say, I have received ALL THREE top love languages at once before, talk about a super happy Lora.) I just love being around the people I care about–even if we are in different rooms doing different things! 🙂

The other languages (acts of service and words of affirmation) are important and present–especially for me (I seem to love being loved in any language LOL), but it’s useful to know which dialects make you feel the MOST loved–and find ways to greater incorporate them into your life.  (And not be shy to tell other people the ways in which you like to be loved!) <3 <3 <3

4. Visit your “I want” list and either a) accomplish one thing you want or b) take some small step to accomplishing one thing from your list

For example, my “I want” list includes becoming a better cook AND getting weekly massages. So I scheduled a massage for later in the week, did some recipe research, and cooked up a tasty Paleo meal from scratch! My “I want” list also includes more in-person time with friends and family so I reached out to close friends and family to try and schedule personal visits soon.

5.  After your bath, put on your prettiest pajamas and GO TO BED EARLY! Sleep is an amazing way to love yourself and love your body.

Good things happen when you get a good night’s rest!

Sleep helps to:

  • Promote weight loss (because you digest better when you rest)
  • Start your morning off better and with greater productivity and an improved mood
  • Quality sleep improves your memory
  • Good sleep can help lower stress AND help you perform physical activity better: awesome!

What are some of your favorite ways to reconnect to yourself and bring a little extra love your way?


  • Jenny Hodges

    April 9, 2014 at 7:09 am

    Great post. I need to practice some self love. I’ve been really hard on myself lately. Sigh.

  • Mindy Bobe

    April 9, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    What an awesome post! I’m usually really hard on myself and need to practice some of the self love tips!

  • Paige Podbelsek

    April 9, 2014 at 7:02 pm

    I love this! Everyone needs a little self love. Your crow looks great!