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Vega Vega GOOD! Vega Bars Review

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As a runner, athlete, and yogi, sometimes I need a snack, a pick-me-up, a lunch replacement, or some pre-run energy.

I have found my new go-to source.

Vega Bars.

You know I will never #PassLove to ANYTHING that I do not believe in and use.  I hold products to the highest of standards and it is rare for any bars to meet that standard. When I was offered the opportunity to review Vega Bars I thought, okay, I’ll give them a try.  I needed a new option.  My luck with bars has been mediocre at best. I can stomach a Kind Bar or Lara Bar, but generally found them unsatisfying, upsetting to my stomach, and never felt any change to my energy levels (unless it was to feel gross and bloated) or improved physical performance.

Vega Bars just changed things up big time. After having the #VegaSportEnergyBar in Apple Cherry, I finally *understood* how bars are supposed to work.  I discovered clean, natural energy that did not make me feel bloated or gross. (And made for an amazing run!)

You know me. I eat ridiculously healthy. I steer clear of GMOS and fake stuff in my food. I stick to a mostly Paleo diet and am almost entirely Gluten-Free.  These Vega Bars are non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and plant based.  The ingredients for the sports energy bar are easy to read and understand. And it gave me the much needed pep in my step to have a long, fulfilling run.

Best part? The other bars rock too!  While I can say without a doubt that I am the biggest fan of the Apple Cherry Sports Energy bar, the other bars (many of which feature chocolate) were equally tasty.
Vega Bars include:

  • #VegaOneBar (which counted as part of my lunch after a busy yoga day and I found quite filling without the bloat)
  • #VegaProteinBar (super filling, super chocolatey!!)
  • #VegaSnackBar (My favorite is the cranberry almond flavor!)
  • And, of course, the #VegaSportsEnergyBar

Really, I cannot praise these bars enough.  They were the perfect compliment to my run and helped me push through a yoga marathon. (Yes, yoga can be an endurance sport…especially with workshops, teaching, and back-to-back classes!)

Vega Bars are VEGA VEGA GOOD. Stay tuned for more info on how these bars will fuel my workouts and fuel my week. I need more pronto!

Disclosure: I received a free sampling of Vega Bars in return for my honest review.

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