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3 Ways to Beat the Heat for Summer Running

Sweat ALERT!
What’s a runner to do?!?
I got ya! How to practice safe sweaty summer running!

Summer running, had me a blast
Summer running, happened so fast
Days grow longer; sun feels so hot
Pavement smokin’; sweat on my fa-a-ace
Summer days, melting away
To, uh oh, those rainy nights! 

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Florida, it’s getting HOT HOT HOT!

That can make running outdoors a bit more tricksy.

There are so many tips from Northerners on dealing with winter running, but what about summer? Egads, what about HUMIDITY!?!?

You can handle it! Especially if you practice these THREE simple tips for making your sweaty run safer and happier!

 Brian of Digital Running and Running Betty glisten at a summer Ragnar Relay

Here’s how YOU can best prepare yourself to beat the heat and run with fun for the summer:

1. GET UP EARLY (or, Southerners, be prepared to potentially run in a downpour)

The day only gets hotter as the hours pass on. Coolest time to run is in the morning–and that may mean you need to set your alarm extra early. Good news? The sun rises earlier, so you will not have to run in the dark!

Note: In addition to the hot hot hot of afternoon, Southerners experience sudden torrential downpours. You do NOT want to get caught in an afternoon thunderstorm while running–especially during hurricane season. Run early so you don’t have to take your chances with the weather! (Or risk missing out on your run entirely!)


Confession: I once had my keys fly out of my built-in key pocket because my pants were so sweaty…thankfully it flew out and, most wonderful wonder of wonders… I FOUND IT ON THE GROUND.  That could have been a miserable afternoon. As it was, there were still some panicky moments of retracing my run. (And I did NOT want to run it a second time!) Things get slippery when wet and, even the best running shorts, may not be able to keep pace with your speed and sweat.

When you run in heat, I recommend you keep the following in your belt: your cell phone (in a plastic baggy), your keys, some money (in case you need water or a cab), and potentially gels, etc. depending on how far you go. (You may also want a band-aid or anti-chaffing stick.) No one said fanny-packs are sexy, but fanny-packs to prevent you from getting injured, dehydrated, or having your keys go flying due to sweat–all great stuff. You never know what could happen in the heat and it is best to BE PREPARED. I have had to use everything on a summer run–including calling a friend to come get me because I got trapped in a downpour! Don’t let getting stuck in a downpour happen to you. (Or any other potential summer hazards!) Carry everything you need in your super awesome glorified fanny pack. 😉

Annie keeps energized with a gel, smile, and open arms in the heat!


I know where ALLLLL the water fountains are on my route. I have money in my spi-belt if I need to buy water. And I am drinking up a storm BEFORE and AFTER my run.  Don’t let dehydration get the best of you. Drink up buttercup! (Bonus points if you also eat foods rich in water–fruits and veggies!) Depending on the race or your sweat-factor, you may also need to take a salt supplement. Evaluate your hydration levels and make the best decision for you and your body.

Reminder: if you feel thirsty, you need water. If you stop sweating, you need water. If you are getting headaches, tingly, dizzy, or show ANY other weird symptoms–stop, drop and drink some water.


CHECK YOUR EGO! You may feel more tired than normal. You may get annoyed that you go slower (because DUH if it is 90 degrees out your body feels it.) Let go of what you know your body does in March and embrace where you are on your run RIGHT NOW!  Every summer run will feel different and you need to be open to that experience. Love the pace you’re at, love the sweat…and make your summer running a part of summer loving! Loving who, you ask? Why LOVING YOU!!! 😀 <3

What are your top tips to keep the miles going in the summer?


  • Lynda Benson

    May 15, 2014 at 8:59 am

    We are having some crazy hot weather here in Northern California {for this time of year}. I love using my Ultimate Direction belt to hold my phone, chapstick .. I have no idea it is even on me. Sun screen is key EVERY DAY…no matter what …I don’t know how you can handle the humidity in Florida {yikes} 🙂

  • Whitney Mills

    May 21, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    I’m looking forward to running in the summer. I love a good sweat sesh! I definitely wait until sunset, when it’s not as hot. I’ve tried in the middle of the day when the sun is beating down, but it’s way too brutal. I would like to go early morning, but I have no motivation in the morning. I like to go at 7:30pm and jog over the bridge to Clearwater Beach, so the view and breeze is amazing! I definitely stay very hydrated drinking a gallon of water a day. Also a dip in the pool right after is highly recommended 🙂