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How to take care of your active life when you have a cold

It happens. Spring allergies attack.  Or, even worse, you get a spring or summer cold.

What to do?

It’s beautiful out. You want to be outside.

You live an active life. Regular physical activity. Healthy eating. Social activities, too.

But you get sick. You can’t do any of your normal things. Oh no!

What to do?

Here’s three things to remember when you have a cold:


When we are sick it can be soooo tempting to have a brownie for dinner, macaroni and cheese for lunch, and forget to eat breakfast.  BUT the most important thing to do when you are ill is to continue to eat healthy.  I had a cold and no appetite but, at suggestions from fellow 21 day reset members, found that eggs and smoothies went down well. Healthy and filling.  And much better than canned chicken noodle soup for my health.  I also forced myself to drink extra water and naturally decaffeinated tea.


It is so tempting to still go into work, to head to the gym, to take your favorite yoga class. But don’t. PLEASE STAY HOME. Keep your germs at home. Your body is sick. Let it rest.  This does NOT mean that you cannot have some movement in your day. Go for a slow walk, do some restorative yoga at your house, and let your body heal.

Here I am in Legs Up the Wall, a great restorative yoga pose to do when you are feeling ill


You would think this one would go without saying when you are sick, but somehow many of us miss the all important rest. We “doze” watching television, we try to keep up with our normal routines, and we have fitful sleep due to coughing, stuffy noses, etc.  Really make sure that you rest. Eat dinner earlier and go to bed earlier. Your body needs extra healing to get better. Give it the sleep it so wants; you will wake up happier when you do!

What did I miss? What do you struggle to remember to do when you are battling a cold? Do you go to the office when you are sick, even though you need to rest? Do you still hit up your spin class or cough through yoga class? Do you have a suggestion on how to get over a cold faster! Tell me in the comments below!


  • Katrina Elle

    May 2, 2014 at 7:16 am

    OH I saw you’re doing a yoga for runners at a place in Brandon! I’m ceritifying in Piyo soon and was checking out their site! Do you live close to me??

  • Stacey Merrill

    May 2, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    don’t know if it helps but i make sure to take my vitamins too – tho sleep and hydration seem to be most important

  • Orangespoken

    May 3, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Great post! Being a teacher I’m exposed to WAY more germs than I’d like to be! It’s hard to keep my immune system strong!