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#PassLove: Embrace Your Fear and Chase Your Dreams

Yesterday, Mastin Kipp sent out an email about his Daily Love course and pursuing your dreams.

It hit at just the right time.

Mastin wrote “It’s time to have the courage to act, even though you are afraid, to know that your dreams won’t kill you and to embrace the awesome uncertainty of taking risks.”

Going after your dreams is scary and the moments right before a massive change are the moments of our greatest fear.

But guess what?

We can conquer our fear.


By embracing our fear.

Change is uncomfortable, icky, awkward, confusing, and can be downright petrifying.

But usually the uncomfortableness and scariness is a sign you are heading in the right direction.

So today I ask you–what makes you scared? What are you most fearful of?

Can you do me a favor, and begin to chase after that dream? You can make your dream a reality by being brave, embracing the fear, and diving into uncertainty.

I am doing that…RIGHT NOW.

Will you join me?

“You will always be scared right before major shifts in your life. But, that is just the way it is for all of us. You will see that after you take the leap, all will fall into place. Think about how many times this has already happened in the past – it will continue.”– Mastin Kipp

PSSST Mastin’s Daily Love course is really awesome and, if you want more gems like this, I recommend checking it out. You can enroll here.

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