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Annie Guest Post: Letting Go What We Can’t Control


Today, Annie revisits the blog for a different guest post. Today, Annie digs into being single and letting go control and letting in uncertainty.

Here I am with Annie and some of our friends to celebrate her birthday earlier this month!


It’s quite beautiful and brave and I recommend you give it a read. Annie is a special friend and she is able to look at things beyond the superficial and get to the good stuff–in this instance she takes relationships, singledom, and control and bravely digs inside to help us all challenge the way we live every day.  Thank you Annie!!

Sometimes we feel like we’re doomed to live a life of loneliness, and have 249 cats for company.  Singledom.  I have many friends that are single and have expressed feeling the pains of being lonely.  I also fall into that category.  By default.  For many of us, it’s by default.  We have tried the many online dating sites, and our subscriptions ended with no luck; except for some pretty interesting stories of strange emails that were received.  And not returned.  We have put ourselves ‘out there’, and have put out the intention to the universe that we are ready for love!  In my experience, I believe the universe thinks I’m asexual.  I remind it every day that I’m not!  For me, that special spark with that special guy hasn’t happened yet.  I know I am not alone in wondering exactly when that spark will happen.  For all of us single folks out there, I know the journey has been long and arduous, and that there is an indent in all of our beds where our bodies have carved out exactly where we sleep every night.  We are constantly told by all of the betrothed couples that it will happen when we least expect it.  And years later, still single, we are left scratching our heads wondering what on earth that means.

Finding a significant other is the one thing that many people want most, but also the one thing they can’t control.

All my life, I would get upset over things that were out of my control.  I would essentially waste my time feeling stressed out and worrying over things I couldn’t change.  I believe that one of the biggest lessons in life is to let go of what you can’t control and having faith in whatever the outcome may be.  What you want is different than what you need.  It’s painful, but it’s important for me to remember that when I feel things are passing me by.  It’s not meant for me in this moment, no matter how much I might want it.  These words are easy to say, but hard to put it into practice.  Saying them and feeling them are two different things.  The voyage is getting to a place to where we can truly feel what we are saying and letting go of what we can’t control.

I must continue to tell myself that what is meant to happen will happen. The longest journeys with the toughest lessons prove to bring about the most wonderful results. Our time is coming, single friends!

Things will come together when they are supposed to. I spent years letting my life pass me by as I wished for something more. I was never satisfied with what I had. Being able to live in the moment is the most amazing thing one can do for oneself. It allows you to let go. So we can loosen our grips. And let go.

Do you let go of what you can’t control? It’s something I have always struggled with. Mastin Kipp says that the our happiness in life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty we can comfortably live with. That’s big stuff! I am so grateful to Annie for reminding me to let in uncertainty and let go trying to control everything. Because there’s an awful lot we can’t control!!


THANK YOU ANNIE! You are an amazing friend! (See above for us celebrating my birthday! WHEE!!) What do you think? Please let Annie and I know in the comments below. 🙂 And thank you Annie for writing, I love you oodles!! #PassLove

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