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#PassLove: Onzie Review

This week, I had the great pleasure of learning about Onzie hot yoga apparel.  Onzie is 100% made in America (in Los Angeles, to be precise). Created by a Bikram aficionado, Onzie is made with a blend of free flow spandex nylon (80%) and spandex (20%) to stretch, move, and breathe during hot hot temps.

Onzie motto:

Onzie sent me the following three pieces to try out and review. Please note that, while Onzie provided the clothes free of cost, the review and opinions are totally Lora.

Here’s the bundle as it arrived in the mail:

I had ordered the following:

Criss-Cross Bra Top in Bengal ($42.00)

Front view on the model:

The back view:

Glossy Flow Tank Top in Black ($34.00)

Capri Pant in Bengal ($56.00)

It’s important to note that Onzie has different sizing than you typically find. I ordered both the bra and capri pants in their “S/M” and the glossy flow tank top comes in one size fits most.  Although the sizes go to L/L, I would say that like most fitness apparel, this may not provide the support or exact sizing you may like if you are naturally bigger, taller, or super breasty.

Now, for the goods:

I didn’t need to go to a Bikram class to try these babies out! It’s summertime in Florida and that means we have hot temperatures, afternoon thunderstorms, and not to mention that little thing called humidity.

You can see that the clothes are SUPER fun looking. I had a hoot looking at all the tigers on the Bengal tights during yoga class.  The colors are so vivid and they just scream FUN!! (Or would it be ROAR fun with the tigers on there?)  I was worried about the Criss-Cross Bra Top. Firstly, for those who like a little enhancement in the chest–there is no padding of any kind.  For me, I was actually more worried about popping OUT of the bra during class.  It fit great to walk around in, but I was afraid once I get all moving and upside down I could have an embarrassing accident.  Guess what? I was worrying for no reason. (Like a lot of our worries. See yesterday’s post on reducing worrying in your life for more details.) My breasts were totally safe!!! I would say that anyone larger than me MAY have a legit concern in that area.  Also, I’m guessing if you have had children you may want some kind of under-wire or additional support.  While the bra would not be good to run it; it will be excellent to YOGA in–which is what the clothes are designed for!!! Plus, the strap design is just super cute.

Everything felt great in the heat. Although I was sweating up a storm, the clothes did dry ridiculously fast, making me feel less like a sweaty pile of nastiness when it was time to drive home. These clothes were definitely made to be sweat in.

Here I am kinda sweaty, super crazy hair, happy in Onzie:

Now, how to get Onzie for YOU:

Onzie does not have a retail store,but some items may be purchased inside of studios. Check with your local yoga studio and see if they carry Onzie!  Don’t be shy about ordering online, however. (Pssst! Right now all items over $100 have free shipping in America!)


  • Betsy

    June 6, 2014 at 9:54 am

    How cute and fun!