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Take time to REST!

As we prepare to celebrate our Nation’s Independence, many of us schedule our “vacations.” We plan big trips, we go to family reunions, we take vacation time from work and we GO GO GO.

We schedule these vacations and our LIFE so heavily that we forget to actually take time out to rest.

Make room for REST in your busy schedule!

When things get too much in yoga class, we find child’s pose (shown below.)  We retreat inward, slow down, listen to the breath, and give our nervous system a chance to take a quick break.  Then, when we feel like it is appropriate for our body and mind, we go back into practice. Only by taking the time to relax and restore can we reach new heights in our physical and mental asana practice.


The same thing holds true for the practice of life! We need rest. We need pauses. We need to DRAW INWARD to embrace the joy and open up to new experiences, successes, and to just maintain a normal quality of life. My teacher Sage Rountree says “rest is coming for you!” It’s up to YOU to chose rest instead of waiting for that injury, illness, etc. to catch up to you! Find the rest now, on your own terms! (Trust me, you will enjoy it!)

When you schedule your vacations–can you schedule in some “you” time to really rest and relax?

How to add rest to your vacation:

  • Book a massage!
  • Give yourself a day off to just relax and be totally lazy with no plans whatsoever
  • Go for a walk or a run by yourself (bonus points for leaving the watch behind!)
  • Head to a restorative yoga class
  • Go swimming and just let yourself float in the water with your eyes closed for however long you’d like
  • Fall asleep in your pool chair (with sunblock on!!)
  • Make your favorite meal, open a nice bottle of wine, and enjoy it slowly outside
  • Journal
  • Read your favorite book
  • Drink your favorite cup of coffee and watch the sun rise
  • Sing and dance around your living room
  • Turn off the cell phone and computer; go out and leave your social media behind
  • Don’t check work email on vacation!
  • Get out to nature
  • Take a long bath
  • Go to bed early and don’t set your alarm…let your body sleep as long as it desires!

What are your favorite ways to take time out to restore your body? How do you go inward to recharge? Do you remember to schedule relaxation time on your vacations? Give yourself some much needed rest this summer! Remember, “rest is coming for you,” so make it a priority NOW to feel better long-term! 🙂


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