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Mindfulness begins at home! Organize your closet for Fall

Yes. Organize your closet.

Right now, there are bags strewn all around my living room.  Not because I’m messy, but because I am ELIMINATING mess.

Some of the bags are marked to donate to charity.
Some of the bags are marked to try and sell.Some of the bags are to give to my friends.
But all of the bags are getting OUT of my house.

The arrival of Labor Day means the start of Fall in most places in America. Maybe not here in Florida, but I can dream of cooler weather, crisp Autumn air, boots, and sweaters. And I can prepare my closets accordingly.

Lots of people spring-clean. I spring-clean. But I also FALL-CLEAN. And regularly clean.  Because when things are clean, I feel happier and lighter.

Mindful home organization and cleanliness is necessary to live a mindful stress-free life.

Have you ever been unable to find the shoes you are looking for in the morning? That’s stressful. Or even just how you keep your lipsticks in the bathroom. Do your cleaning supplies live together for easy access?

How we set-up our home affects how we set-up our life.

An acting teacher once told me that, in order to succeed, you have to come home to a beautiful, well-organized, decorated home that feels good. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It doesn’t need to be huge. But your home should feel good to allow for either maximum relaxation or maximum productivity–depending on your needs.

A “home” doesn’t happen overnight. And an organized, well-decorated home DEFINITELY doesn’t happen overnight.

But you can take baby steps every day.

You could start by organizing your closet.

Plus, this is the digital age. There are MANY apps and websites to help you with the process. What to purge, what to keep, what to give away, what to throw out. Not to mention the value of tracking cost per wear or creating favorite outfits.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Cher in Clueless. Scanning my wardrobe with the touch of a finger on a computer.


Thanks to smartphones and tablets, we now can add this extra Cher-like layer of organization to our wardrobe.

I reccomend both Stylebook and Closet+ for wardrobe help. Closet+ offers outfit creation, packing lists, calendars, and tracks your cost per wear, which is fantastic from a money perspective. (And helps when it comes time to figure out what needs to get OUT of your wardrobe.) Stylebook more closely resembles the Clueless-like ability to layer your clothes. Closet+ is free to try, Stylebook costs $3.99 to download. Both are great options!

If you aren’t so OCD about your fashion, you can just organize your closet by color or type and leave it at that. But I do encourage you to get to organizing. Get rid of an article of clothing for every NEW thing that you buy. Donate old t-shirts.  Vacuum the closet floor. And make sure everything item is clean, ironed, and polished–ready to wear.

Mindfulness is not just on the mat. It begins at the house. And sometimes, it begins in the closet!

How do you organize your closet?

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