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I’m back!


Hey y’all!

Guess what?!

I’m back!

No, I didn’t go anywhere physically. But I did totally jump to the future in my thoughts. And then to the past. Anywhere but the present.

And so I give a big shout of “I’m back” to the present moment. I’m experiencing the power and awesomeness (and, yes, the occasional suckiness and uncomfortableness) of the here and now. Because the now is where it’s at y’all.

My “Committed Impulse” teacher Josh Pais taught me to say “I’m back.” As Josh once said “every ‘I’m back’ increases your ability to stay present for longer and longer stretches of time.” And I want to be present ALL the time. Because I want to enjoy every possible moment of my life here on earth. Who wouldn’t?

It’s so easy to veer off the present moment path. To wander into the land of multitasking, of worrying, of imagining, of planning, of remembering, of thinking. And sometimes, yes, it is good and necessary to plan the future or reflect the past.

But most of the time? We use thinking ahead or thinking behind to avoid the present moment.  Lots of times we use these habits to avoid feeling something in the present moment. These emotions and sensations then just sit in the body. We don’t address them. That can actually physically lead to tension, back pain, illness, you name it. And the worst part? We can miss out on some truly amazing stuff in the NOW by worrying so gosh dang much about stuff in the THEN, IF ONLYS, and I WISH….

So I’m giving hug to the present. I’m challenging myself to be more present with every person I encounter in my day, with every activity I perform, even every email I read, I am giving it my full attention. Because the magic happens in the here and now. And that’s where I aim to be.

And if my mind veers away? I’m saying “I’m back.”

I’m back.

I’m here.

Right now.

Are you?



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