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Juil Ambassador


Did you hear the news?


You know I only take on Ambassadorships and work with brands that I love and am passionate about.

Well, you know how much I love FASHION and ACTIVE LIVING.

Did you know I love shoes, too?

Secretly, I am a shoe freak!

But the problem? I do so much yoga. So much running. My feet sometimes have toenail (or two) fall off or have ugly blisters. I’ve actually broken two of my toes (both pinky toes). I want shoes that are COMFORTABLE but FASHIONABLE.

Can the two go together?

THANKS to Juil fashion meets comfort. My feet are doing a happy dance!!

I’ve been obsessed with their sandals for a while. You see…they have these little DOTS in their shoes:


Why do you ask? Because Juil shoes are designed to help you GROUND. It’s actually called “earthing.”

What’s earthing?

When your body directly contacts the earth, it helps you to feel good. Think about walking barefoot on moss, toes wiggling in sand on the beach, running along the grass at your parents house. Jumping into a pile of Autumn leaves. Pulling up your pants to wade through a creek in your bare feet. Sounds fantastic, right? Sounds stress-relieving right?

We can all remember the feeling of grounding down to the earth. Kicking off the shoes and flocking in the sunshine. Spreading wide the toes and enjoying the connection to nature. We did it as kids.

Unfortunately, modern day society makes it hard (well, really almost impossible) to go around barefoot. Juil uses copper dots to help create the same electron exchange that you get when you’re bare feet touch the ground. So basically, as you step in your Juils you are helping to get connected to the earth. To ground down and de-stress. To feel as though you are barefoot, even with your shoes on at the work place. Plus, they use premium leather and vegetable dyes to help your feet breathe. Plus, Juil treats your sandals as “works of art.” Who doesn’t want art on their feet? And free shipping. Huzzah!

Truly, I’m a big fan. I can’t wait to get a few more pairs of Juils. They are perfect for running to yoga, for slipping on after a race, and for wearing to the office or even dinner out with girlfriends!

Next up for my Juil shoe wardrobe? Getting a pair of these ADORABLE ballet flats for fall! Comfort meets fashion, yeah? Perfect for work and play.


As an ambassador, I also have a promo code to share with you all. If you love Juils and want to order a pair, use the discount “LHOGAN10” to save 10 percent off your next purchase online.

What do you think of the concept of grounding? Have you worn Juil shoes before? Let me know in the comments below! I hope you like them as much as I do!!




  • Regina Leone

    November 5, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    I can’t find Juil Sandals. juil.com is gone.
    Where do I go to buy Juil Sandals?