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Let go to let in!


Let go to let in.

Have you ever noticed that the tighter you cling to something the harder it is to achieve?

The more you cling to something, the more you hold onto something, the more try to control an outcome…the less likely that outcome is to come about. Because you are suffocating. You are trying too hard. You are clinging too tightly.

Loosen the grip.

My yoga teacher this weekend gave the example of holding onto money. Say all you have is a $20. You could horde it, hold on to it, cling to it tightly. But in order to actually get MORE money you have to release that $20 out into the world. Maybe you use it to buy a book to help you learn a new skill, to order new business cards, to attend an event, to get a sandwich at a coffee shop. But you need to use it. Once you use it the money becomes freed up to allow you to make more.  Suddenly you meet someone in line at the coffee shop who needs a musician, which you just happen to be. Or maybe you upgrade your business cards which fall into the hands of someone looking to hire your services. Or maybe you learn a new skill on the computer which then helps you get more online clients.

The point of the story is that, by releasing your hold on the $20, you are opening yourself up to greater opportunities for success.

But letting go is not easier. When we get fearful, we cling all the more tightly to the outcome. Like the parent who is afraid to let her child off the metaphorical leash, so too can we cling to dreams, to relationships, to wanted outcomes, you name it.  But sometimes we can hold on TOO TIGHTLY.

We suffocate our dreams. We need to trust and let go.

Like the bird about to take flight, you have to trust to flight. You could fall, it’s possible. But by letting go–you could also suddenly soar.  The bird will fall if he tries too hard to control his wing movements. But when the bird trusts its instinct, trusts its wings, trusts the air…the bird can soar. You can soar, too. But only by letting go.

Let go the reigns of control to let in new opportunities and movement.

What do you want to have more of in life? Is there a way you can let go, you can release your grip, you can create movement, you can start to flow so that you can begin to create more of what you want and need?

Stop holding on so tightly. Start taking chances. Start letting go. Release. And let in new movement, new opportunities, new chances, new energy.

Let go.

Let flow.


Happy Friday!




  • Hydee

    September 27, 2014 at 9:23 am

    Great post Lora! Your money example is so true for me right now! I feel so burdened by student loans and I really really want to pay them off so they’ll just go away. But as you point out, if I put all my focus (mentally and monetarily) into those student loans then I’m missing out on investing in myself in other areas. Thank you for the reminder!

  • Jodi

    October 1, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Well said – great reflection! Completely agree!!

    To truly surrender without expectation. I know when I do this, grace moves through – every single time. The “without expectation” is the lynch pin!!
    I release, I let go, I surrender, let it be.

    Peace XOXO