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Every day I’m #neshing

Disclaimer: NESHNYC provided me with apparel for this post. All opinions are my own. All photos by Ashlee Hamon Photography.

Om gam ganapataye namaha.

Om gam ganapataye namaha.

Repeat. Repeat. “Om gam ganapataye namaha.”

That’s the Ganesah mantra, designed to help remove obstacles in your life!

It’s been a personal favorite mantra for me at many times in my life.

Ganesha is the Hindu God “of wisdom, knowledge, and new beginnings.” He’s dedicated to removing obstacles, arts and sciences, wisdom, intellect, and more. He’s also one of the most famous Indian Gods because he looks like an elephant.

He also happens to be the namesake and inspiration behind the new activewear fashion brand NESHNYC.

With the idea of removing obstacles from YOUR life, providing simplicity, comfort, and joy to help provide for long-lasting new beginnings, NESHNYC set out to challenge the activewear industry. As NESHNYC says “knowing women could have it all without sacrificing style or function we have created a line that will truly take a woman through her whole day – both on and off the mat – and keep her looking fabulous while doing it!”

I’m addicted. NESHNYC can truly go from yoga mat, to brunch, to work…and everywhere in between. Heels, flats, to flip-flops. City streets, country roads, candlelit dinners.

I’m so grateful that NESHNYC provided me with some pieces for my last photoshoot–and some pieces to keep. I’m HOOKED!

Here’s just a few of the amazing pieces from NESHNYC:

NESHNYC Peek-A-Boo Leggings in Black, paired with Juil Hawa Ballet Flats and Sacred Charms bracelet.


Another view of the Peek-A- Boo Leggings, paired with NESHNYC V. Tee, Juil Hawa Ballet Flats, and Sacred Charms bracelet.


 Look at this beautiful V. Tee! I love the mesh detailing!


 NESHNYC Luxe Bralette with gorgeous straps!


Another view of the bralette!


NESHNYC Glad Rag Wrap is SO soft, so beautiful, and SOOOOOOO comfortable!!


All together now! NESHNYC Peek-A-Boo Leggings,  NESH NYC V.Tee, Juil Hawa Ballet Flats, Jessica Needham mala, Sacred Charms bracelet and chakra necklace


NESHNYC Peek-A-Boo Leggings,  NESHNYC Glad Wrap, and  Juil Hawa Ballet Flats


NESHNYC is available online on their website and some pieces at select Anthropologie stores and anthropologie.com. Plus, stay tuned on the blog for more fabulous photos pairing NESHNYC and Juil shoes! 🙂

Connect with NESHNYC socially:

Instagram: @NeshNYC

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nesh-NYC/

Twitter: @NeshNYC

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/neshnyc/

What do you think? Are you as in love as I am?