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Why you need to laugh every day

LoraHogan-6Forget apples! I’m going to say that a laugh a day keeps the doctor away. Laughter is DEFINITELY my favorite medicine!

Andrew Carnegie said “there is little success where there is little laughter.”

In order to be successful, to achieve our goals, to truly savor and enjoy life–we need to laugh.

Laugh lots.

I’m actually known for my laugh.

It can be embarrassing. I just love to laugh. Sometimes it comes out all “tehehehehe” and sometimes it’s just a big loud chortle. Sometimes it is the laughter that just can’t stop until you laugh so hard you cry.

But there’s one thing all my laughs have in common–frequency.

I love to laugh.

I laugh every day.

Because a day without laughter is a day that I don’t want to live.

No matter how bad something is, no matter how sad, no matter what’s going on…there is always a way to find joy. There is always something to see to bring a smile. There is always happiness inside of us. You just have to be willing to breathe it in…and laugh it out.

I teach yoga to the varsity soccer team at USF. The other week they had trouble with laughing too much. It started with one boy during final relaxation. He felt uncomfortable and started laughing for no reason. And then the laughter spread. One by one, the players started to giggle. To laugh. Until they were all breaking it out into full big belly laughs. They just couldn’t stop. But then they had me laughing. We were all laughing so hard we cried in the middle of savasana. We weren’t intentionally practicing “laughing yoga;” the laughter just happened. But I think those college students must have just needed a big laugh. I know I did.

Laughter is also a wonderful release. While it lifts your spirits, it also releases stress and pent-up tension.  Plus, WebMD tells me it helps you sleep. (And has a host of other great benefits. If you’re curious in the science behind laughter, check the article out here.)

Do you laugh everyday? How do you laugh? If you’re not laughing, make it a point to seek out friends, situations, and general levity that promotes chortles, guffaws, giggles, and lots of laughs.

Here, I’ll leave you with a super cheesy yoga joke to get you started! (I know, yoga humor sounds like a real STRETCH, doesn’t it??! BAHAHAHAHAHA.)

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Yoga who?

Yoga to try this, it feels amazing!

Okay…that was kind of bad. But did you groan and smile?!?

And I love this one:

What did the yogi say when he was asked to get off the couch?

NAMASTE! (Nah-I’m-a-stay!)

Okay, I promise the jokes will stop…But if you know some good yoga ones, send them my way! Do you laugh every day? How do you laugh? (Is it a chortle, a tehehehehe, a belly laugh?) Let me know in the comments below!



  • Steph

    October 28, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    I totally agree!!! I tell my teachers this ALL the time. Sometimes they go an entire day without laughing with their students. And, in turn, they are frustrated with their jobs. Laughing opens the doors to SO much! Thank you for sharing! 🙂