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Leap of space!


Do you dream big enough?!?

When you let your mind wander, when you let your thoughts go, are you letting those thoughts go big enough?

We love to stop ourselves. We love to put a cap on our dreams. We start to think big and then the negative part of the brain goes “oh no…I could never!” And so we stop. We taper back the dream. And stop ourselves from fulfilling our full potential–before we have even tried.

We put a cap on our dreams. And in doing so, we put a stop to our growth. We put a limit to our happiness.

We say we are going to jump in. “Take a leap of faith.” Follow our heart.

But then we stop. We quit. We don’t believe in ourselves and we certainly don’t believe we can achieve that leap of faith.


Because we haven’t really given ourselves space to dream so big.

We’ve been coloring inside the lines when we really need to erase the lines. It’s not drawing outside the box. It’s creating a whole new box.

And that all begins with giving the mind the appropriate space to dream big.

To letting go of doubt, insecurity, limits.

To saying, what happens if I could do whatever I wanted?

Sometimes you need to create room for your dreams to grow.

You can’t take a leap of faith until you take a leap of space!

So my challenge to you this Tuesday is to throw away the outlines, the rules, the limits. To allow for infinite possibilities for success, for growth, for happiness. To look at what could you IMAGINE happening if you had no restrictions. If you had all the money in the world, all the time in the world, all the possible help and support. What would you do if your self-boundaries were limitless?

Feeling stumped? Do you feel the doubt creeping in? The “Inconceivable!” voice ringing in your year? Then pull out a journal. Free-write. Pick a question, such as “What would I do if money were no object?” Or even bigger–“What would be the happiest version of me humanly possible? What would I look like? Where would I live?What would I do?” And just write. Eventually something will come up. Because we all have the capacity to dream big. We just have to expand our mental limits. We just have to create that NEW box…and maybe that won’t even count as a box at all!

You have to be open to thinking BIG. To letting your dreams be limitless. Because, sometimes, in order to believe you can accomplish the seemingly impossible…you first have to imagine that seemingly impossible task, dream, hope, wish. And that only happens when you listen to your heart and start by thinking creatively, uniquely, and from a space of boundless possibilities.

What do you say?

Let me know in the comments below!



  • Shannon @GirlsGotSole

    October 7, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    Love this idea. 🙂
    It is hard though, I have always had big dreams, but that darn little voice seems to like to bug us when we are getting excited or revved up about something. Natalie Goldberg has referred to that negativity as the “monkey mind” telling us that we need to go back and fix this or that, or that we aren’t good enough. It can be a struggle, but without dreams, life is so boring.