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#FashionFriday: Yogi Fashion Holiday Gift Guide

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase by clicking on one of my links I may receive a small amount of compensation. It has also been sponsored by Jivala Jewelry in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


The Yogi  Fashion Holiday Gift Guide

I know, what do you get for the yogi who seems to have EVERYTHING or at least wants for NOTHING? Never fear, my lovelies, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a few suggestions for the yogi/yogini in your life.

1) Mala Beads are always hit!

MalasPhoto by Ashlee Hamon Photography, sweater  by Lorna Jane, Chakra Necklace by Sacred Charms, Mala By Jivala Jewelry

Can you say mala? Malas are a special prayer bead to assist with mantra and meditation. They are typically made with 18, 27, 54 or 108 beads, depending on length. The mala necklace featured above is made with Rudraksha seeds from India, the purple round beads are natural agate druz, small silver plated beads and the big one is another agate druzy with Tibetan silver repousse cap from Nepal. These malas were hand-made for me by Jivala Jewelry. The bracelets are made from a combination of stones and beads! Some of the beads are Tibetan white bone with turquoise, copal inlays, Rudraksha seeds, green jade, red coral, wood beads, and a tibetan conch shell, turquoise and brass bead, all from India and Tibet. They are wonderful to meditate with, to pray on, and also serve as a reminder of my yoga practice off the mat as I go through my daily routines! Be sure to check out Jivala Jewelry’s etsy store for more information and follow them on Instagram!

2) Yogis like comfortable pants!

Warrior1VariationPhoto by Ashlee Hamon Photography, top  by Lorna Jane, bottoms by One Tribe Apparel Brio Sandals by Juil, malas by Jivala Jewelry

For those of you who missed my “Boho Chic” fashion post last week, I am OBSESSED with these harem-style boho pants by One Tribe Apparel. Plus, you can save 10 % off the entire site with the code “lora” at check-out! Woohoo!

3) Yogis like any and all fun yoga leggings and tops!

WEBLoraBeachYoga-29Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography, top  by Lorna Jane, “lava leggings” by Jala Clothing, Chakra Necklace by Sacred Charms, malas by Jivala Jewelry

Yogis can never have too many yoga clothes. Seriously. When you are wearing yoga pants every day (sometimes multiple pairs) and various sports bras, tops, and cover ups, you NEED a large wardrobe to make it work! I recently got my first pair of yoga leggings from Jala Clothing (see above) and am loving them in my winter yoga classes. These lava leggings (shown above) when paired with a great Lorna Jane activewear sweater, make for a spectacular outfit that can literally go from the yoga mat to errands to brunch with friends! “Holiday 25” will save you 25% off the entire Jala Clothing website until 12/24/14.

4) Earthing Shoes!

WebLoraHoganParty-8Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography, Hawa Ballet Flats by Juil

All yogis wish they could go most places barefoot. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible. So we wear shoes that make us THINK we are barefoot. (And are fashionable and easy to get on and off, to boot! Teheheh…sorry for the bad foot shoe joke thrown in there!) I really don’t think there is any better shoe for yogis than the grounding shoes made by Juil. The copper dots help to mimic the feeling you have when barefoot and literally ground you to the world. (It’s actually called “earthing” and is pretty cool! For more on earthing, visit the Juil website.) Plus, since I am an ambassador for Juil you can save 10% ANY TIME you shop online with the code “Lhogan10.” Enjoy earthing, my friends!

5) Yogis like real people clothes, too!

WEBLoraBeachYoga-51Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography, leggings by NESH NYC, Sweater by Willow & Clay via Le Tote, malas by Jivala Jewelry, chakra necklace by Sacred Charms

I know, this may come as a shock to you! Yogis like to dress-up and wear normal people clothes from time to time. And it’s okay! Liking fashion, dressing up, and looking pretty doesn’t make us yogis shallow. It’s fun!

One of my nicknames way back when was actually FashionistaL. So I really love clothes.

I still, however, try to practice yoga mindfulness with my purchases and the size of my wardrobe. I love fashion that has dual purposes (such as these fabulous leggings from Nesh NYC that can be worn for yoga or play). I also love Le Tote, the Netflix of Fashion! Le Tote is a subscription box service that allows you to have access to endless fashion choices. You subscribe for a set number of months and, like Netflix, you can put your subscription on hold at any time. In return Le Tote ships you several pieces/outfits/accessories. You can wear them as long as you want and then send them back in the free two-day return envelope and, after another two days, more new outfits will arrive at your doorstep! You can keep something (for a MUCH smaller fee than retailers) if you fall in love with it. Otherwise, you just ship it back and WHAM new clothes for you in a couple of days. It’s perfect for those of us with fashion ADD, small closets, or who just don’t want to take on a ton of possessions and follow a yogic mindset of aparigraha (non-possessiveness). Can’t praise it enough! All the looks have been SPECTACULAR, from great labels, and with style that says LORA all over it.

And yes! I have a coupon for you! LORAHOGAN30” will save you 30% off a subscription! So that’s pretty awesome! And if you’re hesitate, I recommend starting an account without the subscription just to see what fashion choices they have. Alas, Le Tote is just for females at the current time.  Thanks Le Tote for always keeping me in style! 🙂

What do you think are must have gifts for the fashionable yogis in your life? Let me know in the comments below!




  • Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    December 13, 2014 at 4:00 pm

    Hi Lora! Boho chic for yoga is so cute. I just love your photos so much. Great gift guide. If only I knew a yogi … 🙂

  • Annmarie

    December 13, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    I have never heard of Le Tote before! Sounds like a fun way to try out different styles without breaking the bank! 🙂

  • jill conyers

    December 14, 2014 at 8:09 am

    So cute. Love the look and comfort. Great photos!