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Lotus Mudra for Opening to Abundance

All photos by Ashlee Hamon Photography.

As you set intentions for 2015, be sure to find a moment to focus and hone that intention with a yoga mudra.

What is a mudra, you may ask? A Mudra in yoga is a symbolic hand gesture, eye movement, body position, etc. designed to symbolize a certain emotional, philosophical, spiritual or conscious state.  Often referred to as “yoga of the hands” the gestures, when practiced, help the yogi to tap into the energy associated with the mudra. These mudras can be helpful to manifest a certain emotional state or desire in one’s life, can serve as a meditation reminder and help focus the yogi on the focus of their meditation, and can also be used to help feel and access certain emotional blockages or barriers in life.

I know, that sounds like a lot.

But mudras are one of those things that just don’t make any sense on paper. They’re like chocolate. You can describe chocolate all that you want. The flavors on the tongue, the way it melts in your mouth, the sweet smells of freshly baked chocolate. Yet, no matter how much you DESCRIBE it, a person cannot know what it tastes like and really understand chocolate until they have tasted and EXPERIENCED it in real life.

So you need to try a mudra and experience it for yourself!

The most famous and easily recognizable yoga hand position is that of “Atmanjali mudra” (which is usually accompanied at the end of class with “Namaste.”)


This mudra is associated with greeting, prayer, reverence, gratitude, and respect. Quite appropriate to start and end a yoga class, don’t you think? This gesture, paired with “Namaste” says THANK YOU, “the divine in me IS the divine in you.” It also, as with prayer, can be used to focus an intention and make a request for a good desire that you wish to manifest in your life.

As we head into 2015 I find my yoga hand practice repeatedly coming to LOTUS MUDRA to help open myself up to receiving all the good things that 2015 has in store.

LoraHogan-138Here’s what it means:

  • The Lotus Mudra belongs to your heart center and symbolizes pure love, affection, communication, and connection.
  • The open flower helps to open you up to receiving abundance.
  • This mudra manifests prosperity, health, compassion, joy, affection, and love.

Here’s how to do it:

Bring your hands together so that the outer sides of your pinky fingers and thumbs touch.


Create a basket shape with your hands by opening the fingers wide but maintaining the contact of the thumb and pinky fingers.


Really spread the fingers wide apart, still maintaining the contact of the thumb and pinkies.


Inhale and bring the lotus shape to the center of your chest.


Focus your mind on your intentions for 2015.  In what areas of your life do you want to cultivate greater abundance? How can you open yourself up to receive all that you deserve and more in the coming year? Stay for several breaths and focus on the feeling in your hands. Let the mind soften. Let the heart open. And let the entire mind, body, and soul prepare to receive love, abundance, health, wealth, success and true compassion and connection in 2015.

Have you ever practiced a yoga mudra before? What do you think? Do you feel any different energy in practicing them? Do they help you to better focus and meditate? Why or why not? As always, let me know in the comments below!




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